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Permalink New fancy pants spring reverb pedal - using light?!

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"Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal Optical Spring Reverb"

Looks pretty cool, I wonder how it sounds for surf? The video demo sounds pretty ok to me, hard to really tell how much I'd like it. So far Surfy Bear still sounds better, but it's hard to tell in that demo video.


Daniel Deathtide

Last edited: Feb 10, 2020 14:42:41

Its different I wish they had a guy playing Surf on this video, I can't tell if its really all that great. Kind of pricey too.

Last edited: Feb 10, 2020 14:55:18

If you're playing surf, for $350 just save up a few more bucks and buy a tank! Big Grin

It’s either this or the surfy bear for me, though there isn’t much information out there on how the Light performs in a surf setup? Anyone tried both?

Hi Frank, Welcome to SG101. You can usually count on Ryan (60 Cycle Hum) to give a good assessment of the surf-worthiness of any reverb he reviews. I have a Surfy Bear, EHX Oceans 11, and Source Audio True Spring and I love them all. Any one of these would get my vote over the Optical Spring, but I lean toward traditional surf. Good luck with whatever you decided.

SSS Agent #777

Thanks Tim. I went for the Surfybear metal version in the end. I was lucky to find one used for sale here in the uk.

I created an account just to comment on this thread. Surf music is my primary aesthetic and has been forever. I own a surfybear compact. I bought the Game Changer Light, spending hours with it side by side a/b comparing to the surfybear.
The Light sounds amazing, but it's not the same sound as surfybear. I spent hours thing to replicate the surfybear sound exactly -i could get close enough, but because it's so tweakable, a tiny change can alter the sound. The surfybear, you just plug in and go -its "that sound" you know and love. I was hoping I could just keep one reverb, and the light being smaller and more features, I was optimistic it would dethrone the surfybear

Unfortunately, I have to keep both now! It's almost like a new kind of effect, but it fits perfectly into music without sounding out of place. The sweep setting is amazing and alive; I love the feedback setting, it sounds like a sitar droning away while you play.

The freaking gate!! You can attenuate the tail,,, but even cooler, duck your plucking, leaving these natural blooms of sound bubbling up..

The thing this can't replace vs a spring tank isn't the reverb -i think it's the preamps. The reverbs sound basically the same, but the guitar sound through the reverb in the surfybear sounds degraded and classic. The guitar sound through the Light reverb is crisp and clear.
I was hoping this would replace the surfybear. Or be too useless, so I could flip it quickly at no loss.
It's neither of those.
This is legitimately something completely new, dressed up in exactly the tonal pallets we are all here for.

Dig it, y'all. The future.

Edit: as I am getting better at taming it and understanding how one knob affects another, I think it could indeed replace a tank. It's just not turnkey like surfybear.

Last edited: May 05, 2021 14:41:10

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