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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story ADD The Cruncher's New CD Recorded Analog.

Today I received the cd in the mail.
Herbert´s sequel of songs was very well chosen, the cd sounds
very compact. The playing time is 53 minutes and 8 seconds.
I have mailed complimentary copies this moring and hope the American and Australien friends of the Cruncher will get them before too long.
Those who have bought a copy will get theirs next week.

For Rüdiger’s new topic regarding my new CD I would like to thank him very much, but I want to make some small additions and corrections:

In my old Studio which I sold in 2003 I didn’t have a 8 channel mixer but a 32 channel
Tascam M 600 inline mixing desk and a 16 track Tascam MSR 16 tape recorder.

Even though my new CD was ready for manufacture beginning 2019 I stopped it because I wanted to set up my studio again with old analog equipment and to re-record at least partially those instrumentals selected for the CD.

In May 2019 I finally found a 40 channel Tascam M 700 Inline console and a 24 track 2“ Otari tape recorder with external Dolby SR noise reduction.

The tape recorder and the Dolby SR were in first class condition and didn’t need any repair and maintenance work, alongside the usual calibrating.

After the first start-up of the mixer I noticed various errors that I was able to fix myself initially but at some point my expertise was no longer sufficient.

In June 2019 I started receiving support by a experienced studioengineer and with his help we disassembled the complete mixer and started with very extensive and complex maintenance and repair work. Since we only had the weekends available for this the work dragged on until end of 2019. However, I was able to work with restrictions with the equipment since September last year. We are still not 100 percent finished but today I can have almost all the possibilities of the console. (And it has a lot!)

Should anyone think about it to buy old analog equipment I have the following tips for him:

  • My studio is in a penthouse apartment and that's why I checked the static calculation of the building beforehand because these old devices are incredibly heavy.

  • Do the power supply of your future studio tolerates the high inrush currents of the devices?

  • When it comes to operating costs, electricity costs should not be neglected! My Tascam M 700 also works as a 2m² hot plate! The tape machine is also a real power hog and together they heat my studio powerfully. (Mostly I have to work by open windows) Big Grin

  • For the mixer and also for the tape machine numerous of special cables and plugs are required and if these are not included in the purchase they significantly increase the acquisition costs. The connectors should also be checked whether these are still available as normal merchandise. In my case it was no problem but the Siemens male connectors at the Dolby SR system have surprised me.

  • Is there someone in the circle of acquaintances or friends who can help with any necessary repairs?

  • The cost of the tape material should not be underestimated. Since I usually record around 30 tracks for a CD with 20 tracks I need 3 tapes for this and one already costs around € 300.00.

I only mention all of this because I was very surprised by one or the other experience.

Last but not least you need very great staying power.

Here is the right track list of my CD „The Cruncher – AAD“:

01 Guitar King
02 No Place Like Home
03 Watch Your Steps
04 Long Walk Home
05 Movin’
06 Jungle Stomp
07 Aztec
08 The Last Walk
09 Paradise
10 Caroline
11 Big Hair
12 Loving Her Was Easier
13 Angry Generation
14 Sidewalk Surfin‘ Scene
15 Pagan Rock
16 Deep Surf
17 Tenderfoot
18 ´55 Ford
19 Das Boot
20 The Moon Of Manakoora

Hey folks,
I am a record collector and surf music lover but neither am I a
musician nor an engineer. So I am very sorry for having provided the wrong
informations to this forum. I am very glad that Herbert found the time to correct the facts. Nevertheless is the cd recommended by me as it has different styles and sounds which should be loved by the customers!!

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