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TheAmpFibian: People are always shocked to find out how bad of an electrician I am.
250 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day HBSM Jam 2012 was during my tenure. OMG do I miss those days but nowadays I couldn't handle it. No
232 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day OMG how I loved The Torquays and miss them very much. Yes
216 days ago

simoncoil: FWIW my guess for the ending of GoT was a surprising "Invasion fo the Dragonmen" (Hey-ho, hey-ho ...)
199 days ago

Surf_Skater: Congratulations JonPaul and Marie!
166 days ago

tubeswell: Anyone in Cali affected by the quakes?
152 days ago

Scrane255: Marty smith was my Uncle! Would like to see pictures of the nobles band
146 days ago

josheboy: Convention in 1 week!!
132 days ago

bigtikidude: 4 days and counting. Who's coming?
129 days ago

dragonfly: Has anyone heard the new Ford commercial with Dick Dale's Misirlou in the background? I have and it's awesome but too bad they waited till DD passed away. Long live the King!.
116 days ago

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Permalink SOLD SOLD SOLD! Minty Gomez Surfer with all new tubes.

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Hi everyone. Selling my minty Gomez Surfer head. This was literally the LAST one Dario made, hence why the face plate is Makaha. Hopefully he is around to poke in - I love the amp, but I am selling my spare one.

I replaced EVERY tube on the amp and turned it on to ensure it works flawlessly.

Here are the pictures. I keep getting in 'internal server' error when uploading pictures. I've been able top do so in the past...

I'm asking 1800+40 for shipping for the amp. I think this is a fair price based on the ones I've seen sold here + all the new tubes.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Also listing a black face texotica reverb here very soon.. Willing to make a deal for both.


Last edited: Jul 22, 2019 08:19:23

PM sent re: Texotica

Texotica is GOOD

I would surely be interested in the Surfer/Makaha if only I had cash reserves that high. Good luck!

Matt "tha Kat" Lentz
Skippy and the Skipjacks: 2018-
Otto and the Ottomans: 2014-2015
The Coconauts surf band: 2009-2014
Group Captain and the Mandrakes 2013
The Surfside IV: 2002-2005, 2008-2009
the Del-Vamps: 1992-1999, 2006-2007

Texotica has been sold before I even listed it!

Gomez for sale still.

How did you set the bias when changing the output tubes?

N0_Camping4U wrote:

Texotica has been sold before I even listed it!

I got it today and it sounds absolutely lovely. Thanks N0Camping!!!

Man, I have been searching for one of these for years. So stoked right now. REVERB!!!!

Toneschaser wrote:

How did you set the bias when changing the output tubes?

I didn't do it. My amp tech did it here in Houston. Good dude, makes clones of amps. I keep trying to convince him to pick up where Dario left off.. But to no avail. He made a clone of a Blonde Twin that really REALLY makes me want one....

Sorry for the dumb question, but is the Surfer is a 6G14 w/ 8 ohm max load? (nothing official yet, just some badly mixed snippets from practice)

Hi DeathTide. It is a clone of the 6G14-A Fender Showman. The output impedance is 4 ohms.

Ah! Copy that. I’m having a 6G14 made in Texas and I’d curse myself if I could have just gotten this instead! I’ve got two vintage 6G14As already, otherwise I’d pounce on this like a tiger! I kind of can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet, 4 ohms! (nothing official yet, just some badly mixed snippets from practice)

Where at in Texas? I'm in Houston currently.

I will be putting this up on Reverb sometime soon.. Rather deal with you folks, however. Just sayin' grab it while she's here!

I lied he’s in NM whoops! It’s supposed to be done in about three weeks... (nothing official yet, just some badly mixed snippets from practice)

SOLD and pending payment. thanks for all the interest.

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