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Permalink BOSS CUTS - Facekini Watusi EP. Surf garage from China!

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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story BOSS CUTS - Facekini Watusi EP. Surf garage from China!.

I wish this were a much larger sub-genre. I can think of exactly two other bands sort of like this: TRMRS and (kinda sorta) The Trashwomen.

The heart of this music speaks to me. The noise, the almost frantic passion. It’s weird to hear English, I was expecting Mandarin or Cantonese. Those two, Korean, and Vietnamese are my favorite sounding languages. The melodies are simple, which adds to the whole garagey feel. Another thing I like is the unapologetic surf guitar thrown in. Usually garage is a super dirty guitar tone like The Mummies or Supercharger.

I’m hoping this band outputs a lot more.

Daniel Deathtide

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