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I have a 65 white mosrite that I had signed by the ventures years ago. Is it safe to spray a coat of clear lacquer over the signatures to protect them. Thanks for any help

Disclaimer: I'm no expert. I'm not a guitar or autograph collector.

If i were you i'd leave it alone and not put anything on the signature. I'd put the guitar in a case and only play it on special occasions, if need be.

If you were to put any sort of clear coat on it then you run a high risk of ruining the signature, not to mention the finish on the guitar. From my limited experience it seems like most "permanent" markers and paint pens would probably be soluble with any clear coat that's not water based, that means it could dissolve the signature. I imagine you'd have a hard time getting any clear coat to stick to the pre-existing finish unless you lightly sanded the whole finish in order to get enough "tooth" for your new clear coat to stick. Then you'd have to very carefully dust on several very light coats of clear so as to not saturate and keep the signature from running. I assume it's unknown what type of finish is already on the guitar, these are the types of things one must take into account when adding a coat on top of another.

Just don't do it! You're better off preserving the guitar in it's current state, safely put away in a case. Putting a clearcoat on it would almost certainly RUIN any sort of value of the guitar.

There are lacquers based on petroleum-based solvents and there are lacquers that are water-based. There's a big difference. Petroleum-based solvents should dissolve the signatures. Some water-based laquers might not dissolve the signatures.

Among other stores, Home Depot sells water-based lacquers. No doubt, so do paint stores. One approach is taking your guitar to a knowledgeable paint store that is not part of a chain, showing the manager what you intend, and asking him what he recommends. Another approach is trial-and-error, where your trials would be on something other than your guitar. Then before you try to coat the signatures on the actual guitar put a little sharpie marker on an unobtrusive part of the guitar, let it dry for a few hours, and then try to coat it.

Or just put the entire guitar into a clear Plexiglas (acrylic) case.

The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Apr 15, 2019 19:11:05

I'm no expert either, but I wouldn't do anything to it for fear of decreasing the value of the guitar.

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