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Remora: New member here saying hello
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Hi guys! I find that the more gain I have on my pedals, the worse the reverb sounds. Too mushy, too much tail, etc. But I I'm hoping there are overdrive or distortion pedals that may work better with a reverb unit. What pedals have you guys been using with good results?

(I'm using a strat into a 63 RI reverb unit into a Fender Super Reverb amp)

I think your reverb suffers at a certain level of distortion no matter where it's coming from. I'm interested in seeing if anyone has anything else to say about it.

The Mystery Men?
SSS Agent #31

What are you using for a pedal?
You may have some luck turning the gain on the pedal up, so it does the clipping, instead of using the volume of the pedal to push more signal through the tank.
That’s all i have.

Thank for the replies : )

I am using a Green Rhino (tubescreamer clone with adjustable bass). I do the clipping in the pedal and use the volume knob to get the same volume as with the pedal bypassed.

I've been using the Amplitube DAW and there I can have a TS, a reverb tank and an amp, and i can get great overdriven tones with nice drip and not too much tail. So it ends up sounding better than my real tube amp and real tube reverb : /

Since it is possible by the DAW I guess there should be a combination of real-world gear that can achieve this sound.

Try EHX Soul Food
Works for me perfectly with Surfy bear and Oceans 11

Waikiki Makaki surf-rock band from Ukraine

I’ve owned a ton of boutique drives and I find that my OCD works best with my Jaguar into a tank. I don’t know if it is because it is a hair darker or maybe more compressed than some of my other pedals, but it doesn’t give me that hissing top end that you can get with a distorting tank.

Guitarist for Wolfhand and The Donner Beach Party.

I use overdrive built in to the Zoom G1Xon pedal, with the Springs 63 reverb effect also in this pedal. Sometimes I combine overdrive with a plate reverb. There are very wide assortments of overdrives and reverbs in this Zoom G1Xon.

Sometimes I combine delay with overdrive. This usually gives clearer (less mushy) tones than combining overdrive with reverb. This pedal can also combine overdrive with both reverb and delay.

The overdrives and distortions in this pedal sound way better than those in earlier generations of Zoom multi-effects pedals. I also have other distortion pedals and multi-effects pedals, but since getting this Zoom G1Xon I quit using them.

The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Mar 11, 2019 21:48:53

Some distortion pedals have a dry/effect control knob.
These are great for getting a more transparent tone.
The EHX Operation Overlord is one that could be used for your situation.

Are you going for distorted reverb or reverbed distortion?

To my mind, you would distort the guitar before going in the tank, then have the tank straight to the amp. This would give you reverbed distortion.
If you put the distortion after the tank, then you are amplifying the tail of the reverb such that it's as loud as the signal - distortion is a form of compression after all. This would give you distorted reverb, and this doesn't sound nice at all.

Changing the order of your signal chanin may help get the sound you want.

da-ron wrote:

... This would give you distorted reverb, and this doesn't sound nice at all.

No no it doesn't. Unless you're into droney doomy stuff, and why would you be.
OTOH, a compressor after the reverb can deepen the effect while saturating the preamp, so in situations it can be useful.

Another thing I tried is spliting the signal before the reverb, have 1 channel clean+reverb, and the other overdriven+delay. It's nice, but falls short somehow, not the 'best of both worlds' I expected.

Thanks for the replies guys, lots of good suggesstions. I can borrow an OCD and try it. I am going for reverbed distortion; a tight, distorted guitar tone with drip and some coloration from the tank's circuit plus a not-so-long tail.

I mentioned it on another thread recently but I'm finding that the VooDoo Labs Sparkle Drive is excellent for an overdriven reverb surf sound. It has a pot that allows you to mix in clean with the driven sound. As a result the sound retains clarity and attack.

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