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Permalink The Chemist & the Acevities - The Anarcho Surf Laboratory Co.

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Aloha, first post here on Surfguitar101. Did not see this album under reviews so had to put it here. this is one of my favorites. Check out the lyrics tabs on this albums Bandcamp page. I love how they put descriptions for all the songs there. I'd like to echo what they say a bit.


  1. Shoot down los keketeros 03:26
    This song has such a great buildup. Really starts of the album great, Kinda a sampler of the following tracks to come with a punk drum beat and a classic springy sound.

  2. Cosmic anarchist wave 02:39
    One of the top 3 on this album for me. I dig the keyboard, feels like every member of the band shines on this one. and it goes perfectly into the next song...

  3. C6H14 02:04
    Favorite song on the album, surf punk kinda vibe as it chord heavy. It's a head bobber to me.

  4. Melinite is fun when it blows up a police station 02:00
    Another surf punk song palm muting and chord heavy. love it. The scream at the end always freaks out my customer when i listen to this at work.

  5. Fluorine 02:29
    This song is just a classic sounding early surf song. Lately its been stuck in my head when I'm out on the waves. Makes me think of getting barreled.

  6. Crocuta crocuta 00:46
    Short and fast, almost seems like its the last part of track 5

  7. Liquid cavern 04:34
    This song is like a wet Disney Land roller coaster it has slow build ups but its not super fast or scary. The drops are still fun and you want to ride it again. A little spooky like a night dive. one of the top three on this album for me.

  8. Psychiatry inside out 02:33
    Another head bobber, are the drums a little louder on this one? I would show this song to a drummer who docent know how to play surf beat and say "Play that"

  9. Let's disolve all the bankers 03:10
    Exciting fast energetic. A little Spaghetti feeling. A LOVE the bass in this song. LETS GO!!

  10. Love in a cestodian mood 02:42
    This song is here to let you know the album is over...

Please listen on bandcamp until bandcamp tells you you should really buy this album and then do that. Then you can download this album uncompressed and it sounds killer.


Last edited: Aug 17, 2018 00:53:21

Thanks for this! Love your language, this is definitely up my alley with all that speed and noise. I’m gonna save your username, maybe when my outfit finally releases something I could hit you up for a review too?

I’m about to order all their vinyl stuffs!

Daniel Deathtide

For sure. Send me a PM when it happens!

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