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sysmalakian: Surf's up!
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BearJW: Hey groovy people!!
127 days ago

ProfRadar: SurfyBear compact
102 days ago

dp: stuffing, turkey, pie!
61 days ago

ozboomer: Are we doing a Members Compilation this year?
56 days ago

sysmalakian: My new vinyl is available now!!!!
8 days ago

SurfinUsa2007: Everybody’s Gone Surfin!
3 days ago

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Not my photo, but a photo I can appreciate!

I’ve always said that if you can’t afford a Porsche, you obviously need t9 spend more time at the beach. Smile

Sadly, due to a relatively minor problem with my piriformis muscle, sitting in a low-slung car is uncomfortable, and depressing a clutch pedal has become, quite literally, a pain the the butt, so an old Porsche is not in my future. But those early Porsches really appeal to me. What an amazing, and very light, car. Those old 912s didn’t have a lot of power, but they handled better than a 911, because they had a more favorable F/R balance.

The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.


I take care of an old one and an even older one... no pains from driving yet but working on/maintaining them can certainly test the limits of flexibility in my body. Luckily my wife shares an appreciation for them & is right there with me to help out in a tough spot.

Nice pair. I’ve always wanted a ‘71 911 T, for drivability and it’s docile nature.

The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.

They certainly have character, a personality. Similar to a guitar.

Taifighter wrote:

They certainly have character, a personality. Similar to a guitar.


The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.

MissingLink wrote:


The classic Deora has always been a favorite... but this one may be my favorite surf car - since it's mine - 67 Pontiac Lemans convertible with my band, The Toys all loaded in...

'65 Fender Tremolux, '74 Princeton; '80 Princeton Reverb
Dr. Z MAZ 18 Jr. + 1x12 Cab
Various Telecasters and noise-making pedals
Farfisa Compact Duo

Gosh, actually, a toy car is something I can afford at the moment! I can't wait to save up enough money for a good car. At this point, I've collected a lot of old models already. I've even found real cars at a museum that are exact replicas of my collectibles. I mean my toys are the same as real cars! Too bad I don't have classic car driving experience, so I'd get myself one of those real ones. Of course, when I save up the money. But it would be nice to get one as a gift. I know it's all a dream, but it would be cool.

Last edited: Aug 06, 2021 17:58:54

I have a Porsche 944. Awesome car. Best £1500 i ever spent. I can fit an 8 foot surfboard in it. I rarely if ever put boards on the roof.

Not the "surfiest" in all the land, but here's my '59 Apache! It has hauled more than one surfboard! It's got a lot of character, as is pretty quick! 427" small block! C5 Corvette cross drilled and slotted brakes. All the goodies, except a pretty paint job!

In 1987 at my second and last trip to California I found a pictue postcard of a Rolls Rolls convertible with a surfboard stuck in it. In 1993 I showed it to THE CRUNCHER aka Herbert Hooke when we were preparing the release of an international various artists cd with bands from four countries like America, Canada,Germany and Great Britain.
Some reactions to the cover where very negative (how do you dare to have on the cover a car made in England and not it the U.S.A.???). People still have not understood that the car stands for brillance - and that was/is what we at NPR RECORDS were striking for - back then and still today. The foto was shot by John Brad Wagner, Sr. who gave us the permission to use it for this cd release!!

Shot before rolling out to an El Mirage show a few years back!



"I knew I was in trouble when the Coco-Loco tasted like water!" -- morphball


Waikiki Makaki surf-rock band from Ukraine

The Surf Woodie! Originally a Rod & Custom Sketchpad feature by Tom Daniel, it was brought to life by George Barris.


1967 GM show car, the The Camaro Surfer. Complete with hula dancer and boards for surfing on the Detroit river!




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