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imo there is a lot of half baken "surf music" out there these days.
Therefore I want to remind you to check out good stuff like "The Palermo Surf Experience"!
They released two albums.
They are a danish band. And they sound like that! So if you like El Ray or Tremolo Beer Gut, you will also love those two releases!
Check out and be happy with GOOD surf music.

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea

This is good stuff, Ralf. Thanks!

El Ray and TBG are soooo good! These guys are really good too. I wonder what makes Danish surf so good??

Wow great stuff, dark minor melodies, therimin, good sound mix.
This is how it's done folks.
Thank you Ralf!


Excellent band. Wonder what happened to them.

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The don't play anymore and I totally agree. They made some very good stuff through the years. We played with them a couple of times. Søren and Mads from Palermo also played some live-shows with us. Mads is even doing some keys on a couple of El Ray tunes.

Maybe someday they'll pick it up again. Who knows.

El Twitter
El Ray
El Ray on Bandcamp
El Twang on YouTube

EXCELLENT , love this kind of stuff, thanks Ralf

Not surf but you might like it:

Man I LOVE The Palermo Surf Experience, I'll check out those other ones if they are similar. Thanks for the info.

Since this has been bumped, I noticed three of their albums are on amazon for mp3 purchase. Not my platform of choice, but this isn't the easiest band to find

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