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Here's my latest acquisition, the 2009 Affinity Strat (Stratocaster) in gorgeous Metallic Blue. The guitar will get a new pickguard, I haven't decided yet on color but found a thee-ply one on Ebay in "White" with holes for SSS pickup configuration, holes for Vol/Tone pots, 5-way switch hole and no mounting holes which will save from having to drill the body for a pickguard without holes that line up.

... and it's ****ing nasty here, treacherous footing, ice covering snow everywhere.


Last edited: Feb 05, 2018 17:14:53

I've decided on and ordered the pickguard, it'll be an 8-hole 3-ply White Pearloid from Kaish (China) at $9.99 USD (free shipping on both Amazon & Ebay). I won't be changing the trem cover. During my search it seems Affinity Strat owners with eight (8) hole pickguards have found the Kaish exact fits with no need to drill new mounting holes. The White Pearloid pickguard will compliment the White knobs, 5-way switch tip, and pickup covers which haven't faded/discolored. I've also order a new 5mm thread, White tipped trem arm from China off Ebay @ $1.74 USD (free shipping).

Last edited: Feb 05, 2018 20:32:29

Nice looking guitar. A good find.

If it were mine, I'd take that pickguard off and sand it with 1500 grit wet or dry sandpaper. If the yellowing came off, I'd then use my car polisher and some rubbing compound and finally a fine polish to shine it up.

ldk wrote:

Nice looking guitar. A good find.

If it were mine, I'd take that pickguard off and sand it with 1500 grit wet or dry sandpaper. If the yellowing came off, I'd then use my car polisher and some rubbing compound and finally a fine polish to shine it up.

Thanks for the tip I have some unused 1500 grit (leftover from my Krylon Coral Isle Mist Strat project) plus a can of Rubbing Compound and will try as you suggest once I pick up an additional 3 pack of D'Addario (.009-.042) strings.

And you're right it was a "great find", the stand alone is $30 not to mention the "Like New" Levy strap plus guitar. This baby will be getting the Fender/Schaller-style strap locks, I think I have an extra set in a pill bottle in my Fender guitar bag (another great Ebay find it's huge and cost me $5 plus shipping.

I finally got around to cleaning and restringing the Squier Affinity Metallic Blue Stratocaster and replacing the pickguard. I went with a Kaish White Pearloid eight (8) hole @ $9.99 w/free shipping off Amazon ("F"-Bezos), best of all the holes in the new pickguard line up perfectly with factory drilled holes for the stock pickguard, no extra drilling. YAY!

As I expected the guitar did have it original "bullet-end" factory installed strings and they were stuck in the tremolo. I'll bet the girl I bought it from quit after just a few lessons as the strap is "Like New" too.

I cleaned the pots and 5-way with Electro-Clean, all that's left to do is set the intonation (it's not far off).

On my next string change I would like to upgrade the saddles to all steel GFS "Import" ones and the tremolo block to either a steel or brass one, I would order the "shorter" model offered by GuitarFetish (GFS) so it doesn't stick out of the tremolo rout due to the Affinity's thinner body.

I'll post some pics in the next few days of the guitar with it's new pickguard, the White Pearloid does compliment what I would describe as the "brilliant" Fender/Squier "Metallic Blue" (official color name) nicely. I'm still on the fence about installing the Squier "Standard" Stratocaster 22 fret, rosewood fretboard neck (large headstock) on the Affinity Strat, it would be convenient having the extra fret and the rosewood would also add to the guitar's attractiveness.

Last edited: Apr 17, 2018 18:31:50

I'm liking this guitar, the 2009 Squier Affinity Stratocaster in "Metallic Blue", I lowered the action and adjusted the intonation last night. I polished the frets when changing the strings. While checking out the guitar after all the attention I've given it I've found it easier to fret the B7 chord in Link Wray's "Rumble" cleanly on the thinner (nut-wise) Affinity neck where I would inadvertently deaden the open "B" string with my fingertips fretting the "E" and "G" strings while using my SX Liquid which has a wider nut, it was the same with my Squier II Strat more often than not I deaden or mute the open B string playing a B7 chord.

Another plus with this guitar is the weight, the lighter Affinity Strat has been a plus when compared to my full thickness Squier II Strat and my SX Liquid (a great guitar but a "boat anchor"). For a thinner body "sustain" is pretty good, nothing to complain about though I'm always for ways to increase it.

A big "positive" is that the 2009 Squier Affinity Stratocaster also has a steel bridge plate and steel saddles as opposed to zinc which is used in both those parts in the more recent production Affinity Teles and Strats. The tremolo block is still cast zinc as are almost all Fender/Squier tremolo blocks. Fretwork is good, haven't found a "high" fret yet and factory tuning machines are doing their job. The finish is "superb" not a flaw to be found anywhere on the body.

I have another thread on this guitar it deals with my considering upgrading the tremolo block to either steel or brass, there is great info there submitted by other members:

Last edited: Apr 20, 2018 01:37:17

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