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Permalink What pickups are in Davie Allans Jazzmaster?

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I read an article online that said that DA had replaced the pups around 1980....? I was wondering what the specs are on the replacements.

Also wondering if his distinctive sound is the pro cat rat or something else. There Is a history of other Fuzz pedals but wondered what he is running post 1980.


I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

As far as I know he has a humbucker loaded Jazzmaster, and have read he uses a Rat pedal. I'm not sure what brand the humbuckers are.
You could email him -


Home of Surf & Twang

Last edited: Jan 12, 2018 06:40:05

Thanks Rev. I could email him but thought I would try here first and not bother him. Ill give the thread a couple of days and see were it goes.
I did replace some of my CDs last year or so directly from him amd he was a joy to deal with. He even signed them which was an awesome touch.
It was DAs music that led me to this site.....

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

Davie's one of the nicest guys in the world, and I'm sure that he would be more than happy to respond to an e-mail from you. What Rev said is correct. Every time that I've seen him play, over the last 10-15 years, he's played a black, humbucker-loaded JM, and a ProCo Rat pedal. The first time I saw that Rat pedal, I was shocked that he wasn't using a vintage Gibson Maestro or Mosright Fuzzrite fuzz.


Last edited: Jan 13, 2018 00:37:21

Thanks Robbie for the info and verifying the Rat pedal. The interview I read had DA using the Rat and talkd about his previous use of the Maestro and Fuzzrite. It also talkd about his guitars till he settled on the Jazzmaster. What peaked my interest was when he teplaced the Humbuckers, what specs....brand.....under wound....overwound....stock?
Guess I will email him and find out.

Why, well my Jazzmaster needs to Davie Allanified.... Smile

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

Let us know what Davie's answer is. He is the reason I got into "surf" music.


Home of Surf & Twang

Well, as suggested I emailed the man himself and very shortly thereafter got a great reply! It was very nice of him to respond as he did.
In short they are Seymour Duncan Hum-buckers.

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

theres like eleventy SD buckers. Anything more specific?

Nebula V

Nothing specific.....

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

I too got re-interested in surf guitar from rediscovering Davie Allen a few years ago. I would love to know more about Davies guitar, the specific Seymour Duncan Humbuckers, what type of roller replacement bridge he uses and what the extra switches on his Jazzmaster do.

That said, it seems most of not all of Davies Lead work is Seymour Duncan bridge humbucker into a Rat prdsl, Ibanez Tube Steamer and occasional wah.A big part of his more recent sound is the Rat.A lot of people look down on them, but with a humbucker they will take you to Davie Allan land very easily.

Theres extra switches?....and a replacement bridge.arghhh the quest continues. Anyone have any more info?

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

Looks like the buckers are on the bridge and neck slots.
Is that a single coil in the middle?



Atomic Mosquitos
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Killers from Space

Last edited: Jan 13, 2018 20:14:05

Great picture! Interesting point about the single coil? In the middle.

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

Yeah, I wonder if that's a Lace Sensor hum cancelling pickup. Those don't have holes in the cover for the pole pieces.

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