Mrblob4: Help, quarantine is hell
322 days ago

309 days ago

bigtikidude: Cheers
221 days ago

elbortobandito: surfybear trem power
219 days ago

BlindBlake: surf music discography
215 days ago

thewhipandthebody: It's MONDAY! Smile
213 days ago

2nanfer: Guys asking for help bc of quantine, 144 days ago. Uh-Oh
178 days ago

sysmalakian: Surf's up!
176 days ago

taku: sale
91 days ago

Skiltrip: SurfyBear is Life
83 days ago

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Permalink Surfer Joe Festival 2017 Video

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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story Surfer Joe Festival 2017 Video.

Nice footage and tune. Thanks for the effort, it really turned out well. We are featured a couple of times, btw Wink Cheers

The Hicadoolas

Very nice!

The Kahuna Kings

I liked it!

Good tune and well put together video.

I donĀ“t understand it?
Why using Surfer Joe footage for this???
Asked the bands for permission?
The "song" is not catchy for me.

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea

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