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Permalink RIP Carvin Audio Closes Factory, Will Liquidate Assets

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Carvin Audio announced after 70 years in operation,it is closing it's San Diego factory and liquidating the entirety of it's stock.

All items on the Carvin Audio website is marked down by 25 percent and all sales on items are final.
This is for amps & PAs only.
Their guitar line Keisel is unaffected.

That's too bad. I have a couple Carvin amps and I love them. My 80s X100B through a Bassman 50 with D140Fs blows me away with how good it sounds every time I play through it. Its spring reverb is even strong enough to stand in for a Fender tank in a pinch. Really a fantastic amp. Hats off to Carvin.

Another sad day for American music manufacturers, and it sucks.

My second-ever amp and the first one with which I could play in a band (and in fact, did) was a Carvin. It was the SX-60 model, if I remember correctly, a 60W solid state 1x12 combo which was my only amp from '87 until '93, a pretty important six years of my development as a guitarist. It was a good-sounding amp. I continued to get Carvin catalogs until they stopped sending them out just a couple of years ago, and I always took a few minutes to look through them. Was often tempted to get one of their tube amps, but never did, sadly. I guess most other people were like me....

Sad news, indeed. Sigh

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That really is a sad loss. One of my main amps is a great sounding MTS 3200 100 watt head. I only use the clean channel and run it into a ported 2x15 cab, It is a thing of pure thunderous beauty. I wish I had scored 2 more! Thanks for the heads up.



yeah this is sad ...almost everyone I know in San Diego has some Carvin gear of some sort ..I have PA speakers ..theyre cheap and good and if anything went wrong ,spare parts were just up the road from the factory ....sad because they were locally made and owned , I hate only having foreign made product choices .
I think Im gonna go get a PA head or power amp while I still can.

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