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Permalink Aftermarket (Fender-style) Surfy Bear Cabs

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So, I guess I missed all the Booster cabs, since they're not listed any more. A case of the wrong pay at the wrong time!

Still considering trying to build a 'classic' SB, and I was wondering if anyone knows a source for the cabs? It seems like these:

Are the only ones around, but since I was hoping to finish my own to match my weird amps, I was wondering if anyone knew another source?

There is two in the USA that I know of:


Ted Weber

Beaver Bottoms will make you one untolexed.

John Hinsdale is the best and cheapest:

That is true.
I have some untolexed cabinets sitting just waiting for a home.

Send me an email if you are interested

Thanks all, and Bob - that's kind of you. I'm in the UK though, so I get the impression shipping something like a reverb cab is likely to cost more than a trip to Mar-a-Lago! Smile

in tweed

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