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Permalink The Insanitizers - Vancouver (WA) Farmers Market 6/24/17 12:30-2:30PM (Free Show)

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Eric B. Johnson
Bass - Link

Lots of HOT GUITAR PLAYING. I will be sweat surfing, with temps in the 90s.

The Insanitizers!

Hope you guys survived the heat and had a good show. Down here in the Central Valley of California we know a thing or two about playing in the heat.

Hi Rob...thanks for thinking of us. It hit 102 degrees while we were playing. One of our threesome had the beginnings of heatstroke, so he sat out a few songs hugging a partly frozen bottle of water from a cooler I brought. Playing outdoors here is so Goldilocks, too hot, too cold, too rainy, and once in a while just right. Still, we have fun...

The Insanitizers!

I am becoming more familiar with Portland weather as time goes on. I have a new Grandson up there so my wife and I get up that way a few times a year. (was just there last month). I know that such hot days are in the minority for you guys but for us, it's the norm during the summer. One of the outdoor venues that we play has us back every summer (six years now) and it has been anywhere from a balmy 90 degrees to 111 one year. AND, it's a 4 hour gig! The key is staying hydrated and keeping sets short with plenty of breaks.

Our client thought they'd help us out the first year by putting up fine spray misters in the canopy above us until we made it clear that we were plugged in and didn't relish the idea of electrocution. Nice of them to think of us though.

I can sympathize with your bandmate's reaction to the conditions. I'm certainly no "spring chicken" and heat and I don't play well together but as you say - still, we have fun.

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