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Slingerland61: Such shouting...
54 days ago

Tikitena: awesome....there's a pulse!
53 days ago

Emilien03: SUUUUUURF!
29 days ago

JHL: tab
26 days ago

DannySnyder: I just got fired from my job at the bakery, which is upsetting as I really kneaded the dough
16 days ago

crumble: I threw out my vacuum cleaner the other day, well it was only collecting dust
15 days ago

Meindert: Why didn't the skeleton want to go to school? His heart wasn't in it
14 days ago

Emilien03: Messer Chups + Los Grainders
12 days ago

Emilien03: Halloween Party / Oct 31th / Mexico City
12 days ago

TheAmpFibian: I was feeling nauseous on my recent vacation to Spain..I probably should have avoided Barfalonia
11 days ago

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Permalink The Nebulas 5/12, New Bedford MA

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This was supposed to be the Surfer Joe show, but we're gonna persevere and shred 2 sets on our own, since we couldn't convince anybody else to share the evening with us.

Come early and get some grub and cerveza, perhaps a sangria or some Madeira (not the band), and rock out with us.


Nebula V

Is this thing on?? feedback noises

Nebula V

Last edited: May 12, 2017 13:29:14

Yer wanted in Ca. But.....
Oh never-mind Cry


I'm not the party planning committee.

We're hoping to be in possession of some wax before we go traveling beyond the northeast, I think.

Nebula V

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