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Have folks noticed tunes on NSSR that are played dramatically more frequently than others?

There is one tune that plays every single time I listen to NSSR - it's a great tune - but it has gotten to the point that I hate it because I hear it so frequently.

Is there any reasonable tweak to recommend? Or maybe this is deliberate?


Jonathan the Reverbivore

The Reverbivores

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What is the name of the song and artist?

Happy Sunsets!

I notice that too, as I listen to NSSR a lot. Right now, I hear the Surf Coasters "Sand Blast" and Bradipos IV "Amaro" really frequently, at least once an hour. Time to trip the algorithm.

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Hi guys,

I have been going through the system and discovered the programming error that was repsonsible for this. The tracks that you have been hearing too frequently have been disabled and the error fixed. If I am correct this should not happen again in the future.


Niels Jansen
Program Director
North Sea Surf Radio

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Niels, thank you so much! It was indeed Bradipos IV "Amaro" that was driving me nuts. Which is a shame since it's a killer tune!

Jonathan the Reverbivore

The Reverbivores

Please check out our new album The Reverbivores Watch TV!

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