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dragonfly: Pic of the day OMG how I loved The Torquays and miss them very much. Yes
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The cd will be released in the 7th week 2017.
Here is the cover and the track list.
Orders can be sent to:

Today, February 15th 2017, I received a box of cds for distribution of Herbert Hooke´s new outcome "STORMY".
It has 20 tracks, the playing time is 53 minutes and ten seconds.
I don´t want to give out of private gossip but Dr. Jochen Bartsch is the man who advised Herbert to change this or that and "The Cruncher" told me on the phone last week, "when I played differently like Dr. Jochen Bartsch had asked me to do, it sounded much better".
So from the first chords of "Stormy" you ´ll hear the authentic Cruncher guitar sounds.
Maybe 7 or 8 tracks I haven´t heard before but i.m.h.o. there is not a single weak track on this cd.
However my favorites are Wicked Game (Chris Isaak), Mexican Rock ( Don Cole), Sandstorm (King-Mack), Spanish Gypsy Dance (Pascual Marquina Narro) and the bonus track Ölürüm Sana (Tarkan).
I live in a region where many Turkish people live, work and spend their free time. In the early 1970s the Jan & Dean song "In A Turkish Town" was my first contact to Turkish, later the instrumental Shish Kebab by The Black Albions before I moved into the Ruhr Valley Region in 1990 and found out about the benefits of Turkish people and their habits and delicious meals.
Since 2001 I had a job teaching many young boys and girls with Turkish roots. Most of them were/ are very nice and "normal teenagers" whatever that means. Since 2016 I am retired and enjoy doing nothing else than that I what I wanna do.
I will post here the adresses where you can order the cds in the USA or in Europe as soon as The Cruncher has mailed them to me.

Last edited: Feb 15, 2017 14:32:54

In Amerika the CD is available from DWM Music,in England at Leo's Den Music, in Germany you can order it directly from:
In Holland Eddy Luca considers to get quantities for sale.
If so, American collectors should contact Eddy, because he will come to the SJSF 2017 and could bring along cds for you. This would save postal fees.

Today (Monday 20th February)
I asked the Turkish receptionist at my neurologist
"what is the meaning of Örülüm Sana?"(the bonus track 20 on the Stormy CD
" I die for you"! she replied.
So listening to the track knowing the meaning of the title maybe will help to better understand the song and the playing of the instruments.
BTW I prefer listening to this cd with headphones (Sennheiser HD 540, reference II) because I hear many more details than listening to it from my simple loudspeakers.

The cd is now in Germany also available from "Bear Family Records".

Here is the review of The Cruncher Stormy CD by Alan Taylor from the latest issue of the Pipeline Magazin.

Trying to answer Alan´s question why the track "Ölürüm Sana" was listed
as a bonus track.
It was originally a vocal million seller and different in its structure from the other tracks The Cruncher had put on this cd.
That might be the reason to put it at the end and not in the regular sequel which would had been possible and fitting as well.

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