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The recent discussion about surf and heavy metal got me to thinking about some videos I accidentally found where some rather unusual instruments/groups are used to play songs we here at SG101 typically know as surf songs. Not being a player, I probably have a somewhat limited view on this, but I rather like it. If for no other reason, it shows how widespread globally that surf/instro music is enjoyed.

I also wonder how these performances would be accepted in an American venue sharing the show with a surf/instro band. Personally, I would like to see it.

So, I'd like to hear your thoughts on a few videos. Perhaps if you know of other videos you could share those.

Woody D
S3 #148
Henrico Va

Last edited: Jan 04, 2017 19:18:18

Thank you for sharing! This is great stuff. I have a large collection of trad. music from around the globe and many "exotic" instruments. As for myself, I really enjoy this kind of cross over/cross pollinization. Surf music has made liberal use of non western scales and modes, it's fun to hear it come "full circle". An Oriental zither wailing on Pipeline? TOO COOL! I"d share a stage any day.....



MAN! Not sure how I glanced past this post, but super glad I didn't repeat that mistake. These are fantastic - especially Luna's video. WOW!

GatoStrato wrote:

"Surf music has made liberal use of non western scales and modes, it's fun to hear it come "full circle".'


Great off-shoot from the metal/surf thread - thanks for that Woody! Thumbs Up


El Mirage @ ReverbNation

Coolest pipeline cover I have ever heard

The Mentawais
The Rentones

Thanks guys. I was surprised none of these had popped up in any other discussions. I am amazed that someone in Latvia would even think of playing Misirlou on a cello. Or someone in Korea playing Pipeline on a zither (I think she calls it a gayageum.) And those youngsters in the Netherlands are having such a great time. I wonder how they'd do at an SG101 Convention or Instro Summit. I guess it can all be called "world music" these days. I hope they all will continue to push the boundaries.

Woody D
S3 #148
Henrico Va

Dug the head banging cello players. But the Pipeline cover just blew me away!

Gayageums are pretty cool. I got to study with a well known Korean player, Bora Ju, for about 6 months at the University of Washington. She was able to do some incredible things with it. I can't say that I ever got very good at it, though I was able to play a few pieces.


New music coming soon!


Man, that first one is amazing! Gave me amazing vibes, and the guy is definitely a professional! Anyway, I am not a professional musician. The only thing that I have in common with music are three years of piano lessons. However, this was enough for me to understand that a great orchestra can make from any song a real masterpiece. I absolutely enjoy listening to collabs between young artists and an orchestra. Yesterday I was watching a show and had the opportunity to see how a k-pop band collaborated with an orchestra with classical instruments. The result was fantastic, I didn't expected that. Relating your question with Americans, it all depends on their knowledge in fine music.

Last edited: Sep 16, 2021 08:43:16

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