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Emilien03: https://www....
232 days ago

Tqi: Oy, Fender, Orange. One of you, make a 20W starved-plate valve bass amp. Like an Origin 20 with a big OT.
183 days ago

Remora: New member here saying hello
148 days ago

Clint: Ever try to explain “surf music” to friends? A Day at the Beach Podcast #150 can do this for you. It explains how it got started and ends with today’s modern bands and much more. Please share with those unaware… https://www....
139 days ago

synchro: Hello Remora.
128 days ago

dragonfly: Dick Dale was my best friend and my rock. I loved him unconditionally and he will be greatly missed. R.I.P. dear one you deserve it.
90 days ago

TheAmpFibian: People are always shocked to find out how bad of an electrician I am.
80 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day HBSM Jam 2012 was during my tenure. OMG do I miss those days but nowadays I couldn't handle it. No
63 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day OMG how I loved The Torquays and miss them very much. Yes
46 days ago

simoncoil: FWIW my guess for the ending of GoT was a surprising "Invasion fo the Dragonmen" (Hey-ho, hey-ho ...)
29 days ago

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Permalink Vote Now For The 2016 North Sea Surf Radio Halloween Top 66!

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Coming up; 3 days of Halloween at North Sea Surf Radio!
Send us your votes for the Halloween Top 66.

For the third year in a row we will broadcast the Halloween Top 66, the countdown list with the 66 spookiest and most horrifying surf instrumentals.

You can make a difference by using this form to tell us your 6 favourite Halloween tracks:

For inspiration you might wanna have a look at the previous editions over here:

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Fiberglass Jungle Radio

Very nice & easy these google forms!

Link (Aloha Sluts) (my photography)

Today's the deadline! If you're interested, please get those votes in today!

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Fiberglass Jungle Radio



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