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Permalink Princeton reissue vs Deluxe Reverb reissue mostly for recording purposes

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I'm looking to pick up either a Princeton re-issue or a Deluxe Reverb re-issue. Primarily for surf tones, but I also play indie rock and other types of rocks. This is 99% for recording studio use and home writing/playing/practicing.

My concern is volume knob and bedroom volumes. Is the Deluxe Reverb able to play at bedrooms volumes, or is it asking too much?

Another concern is specifically for surf music, would the Deluxe Reverb be a better fit, or is either amp equally feasible? I will add that I have a nice oversize open-back 1x12 cabinet that I can use with the Princeton if I want to level the playing field between the two amps in regards to speaker size.

I primarily use a Telecaster for most rhythm stuff, but also use an SG for thicker parts, and I'll be picking up a new Strat soon to add some extra flavors.


For recording, between the two I'd suggest re-issue Princeton Reverb

I recently got myself a 65 Princeton Reverb RI and it's a lovely amp. Can't speak for the Deluxe unfortunately as I've never tried one...Don't know if this helps...

Wherever you go, there you are

For bedroom levels and recording, definitely go with the Princeton Reverb. I am in the market for a 70's model myself.

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

With my de luxe i Can play really low with a Good sound ,thanks for 2 input of the Channel ,with the second the sound stay cool but Is more low
For exemple m'y Little vox ac4 need to bé more open in volume to sound Good ,like 3,5 on the de luxe ,but with the de luxe i Can play at volume 1,5 and still have a Nice sound
Don t have a Princeton but they have Nice reviews for sounding Good at low overral level
Hope it help, and bé carreful with Littlé amp some néed to bé push to sound ,a perfect one Is the fender champ 5w sound really Good ,like a big at low volume ,but if you play it not at low volume it beguin to crunch faste

ludobag wrote:

a perfect one Is the fender champ 5w sound really Good ,like a big at low volume ,but if you play it not at low volume it beguin to crunch faste

I had an original '65 Champ (loved it) and it is quite capable of running you out of the room all by itself. What it misses that the Princeton provides, in my view, is that tone that comes from a push-pull pair of output tubes. Either the PRRI or the DRRI are fine amps. Having played both (and given that you have a 12" cab if needed) I'd go with the Princeton.

One thing you may want to consider is that the '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb (the silverface one) is voiced differently in its 2 channels. The first basic one is voiced more like a Bassman and would be a fine channel for surf music, while the 2nd is more scoopy-mids traditional Fender tonestack like the BF Princetons or Deluxes. So that may give you best of both worlds; otherwise I'm really partial to Princetons.

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

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Princeton Reverbs are real sweet little amps. I have one built with a 12" speaker and a deluxe reverb output transformer, which is particularly fiendishly good sounding.

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