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Freevibration: yamaha SGV
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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story South Creek Instrument and Audio Cables.

In case you are not aware, it's definitely a bad idea to use gold plugs into nickel plated jacks. It causes electrolysis. So while gold connectors may be superior, it only works if you change out the jacks on your guitar. Otherwise you are making things worse over time.

They don't even mention what type of wire is being used in their cables. I use these: . Extremely solid quality and amazing sound. Just pricey.

After having to repair an input jack on a Vox AC50, I second the notion that gold plugs are a bad idea. The first question asked by the repairman was "are you using gold cables?" Yes, gold cables were used and it turns out they do damage to some amp input jacks due to the thicker gold plating. I was told that regular metal Switchcraft input jacks are safe from that damage but the type used in some amps (like Vox) are susceptible. That doesn't even involve the electrolysis issue. I read recently that gold is not the best conductor in which case there is really no advantage to using gold.

Maybe they should go to platinum for all connections... So for these gold-plated plugs to really work, the jacks receiving them must be gold-plated as well? Probably best if parts are lubed with snake oil too.

Squink Out!

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