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85 days ago

Rideatriumph: Just got a 1963 dano pro after 15 years of not playing. Going to try surf rock and see how I like it.
65 days ago

bigtikidude: The FB event page for the SG101 Convention: https://m.fa...
49 days ago

Emilien03: Get yours!
48 days ago

Emilien03: https://surf...
48 days ago

TommyCGuitar: Check out my new surf guitar instrumental EP "Mojado Rodadora" at https://www....
42 days ago

mom_surfing: ted pilgrim.....your mailbox is full
42 days ago

spskins: Mom, it should be clear now
42 days ago

bigtikidude: Surf Guitar 101 convention coming up in less than a month, Aug 4-6
13 days ago

Syndicateofsurf: Oh won't somebody listen to my new song by my new band The Banganators??? On the Sea Where You Surf- It's got it's own thread and everything. Just about to sink under the sea of guitar-mods talk. You will be my new best friend. LEAVE A COMMENT!
12 days ago

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Sorry I got my "vibrato" and "tremolo" mixed up...

Don't worry about it. Leo Fender never seemed to know the difference either!

Fender just raised the prices by $125.

Had my eye on the 60's Lacquer model and the American Vintage '65.

Both of them went up since last week...bummer!

mherrcat wrote:

Fender just raised the prices by $125.

Had my eye on the 60's Lacquer model and the American Vintage '65.

Both of them went up since last week...bummer!

Shock Glad i got mine about two weeks ago before they jacked up the price.

I got one of these two weeks ago, as well! It's astounding, and I regret that I haven't had a lot more free time to play it.

It's my first Jazzmaster, and only my second offset ever - the first being my Surf Green Squier VM Jaguar, which I got almost a year ago and which had already opened my world to the concept of working on your own bridge saddles & setup to tailor everything to my touch / tastes.

I really wanted the 60s Lacquer Jaguar, to keep exploring the shorter scale but with more authentic neck & pickups - and because I've gotten familiar with the ups & downs of the VM Jaguar - but this Lacquer Jazzmaster was in stock at my friend's guitar shop, and it beckoned me from the wall o' Fenders with a stunning surf green (?) color that's a bit more intense and beautiful than my already beloved Jag. The poor ol' Jag looks pale by comparison. (I know... pictures would help)

Plus, it has the amber/orange neck tint that some complain of - but nothing's ever too orange for me.

He made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so home I went with quite a guitar.

Anyway, my first impressions of this fine JM versus my modest Jag are:
1) Wow, what a light body! The shop owner said this appears to be random and that I got a light one for sure.
2) Wow, what a fine neck and great frets. The scale length felt normal and wrong after playing so much Jag for so long, but I guess it's just like my Strat or Tele (BTW, I'm primarily a P-bassist)
3) WHOA... THIS SOUNDS AMAZING THROUGH THE GOMEZ G-SPRING... almost as if the Jazzmaster sound 'activates' the drip better somehow. Or, is it the roundwounds Confused
4) I really need to get these tiny stock strings off of here (I have flatwound 12s on my Jag)
5) (after several hours of recording tests over several days) I heretically kind of like these stock strings!

I need to spend more time with her - the color is swoon-worthy in person and (I should have written this part first!) the whole Jazzmaster rhythm circuit sound seems to take me to Chuck Berry / Champs / Allessandroni / I daresay, Grady Martin rockabilly territory much more readily than the very dark rhythm circuit of the Jag. And the lead circuit ain't bad, either Smile

Even with the "wrong" strings, this Jazzmaster does the Astronauts, Pyramids and so many other surf sounds with authority - and it sounds heavenly on my original tunes, every genre. She's a keeper, and I'm missin' her even as I type.

edited for (attempted) clarity

Last edited: Apr 19, 2017 11:10:26

To the best that I can recall, for the last couple of years, the street price for the Fender Lacquer/Roadworn Series Jazzmasters and Jaguars has been $1,000. (Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, Sweetwater Music, etc.)

I looked them up just now on the interweb, and the current street price is $1,025. However, I wouldn't doubt that the new AVRI may have gone up $125.

-Cheers, Clark-

-Less Paul, more Reverb-

I recently bought the Jaguar in this series. I stuck .011 flats on it and got a Staytrem arm and collet and it makes the trem a lot more usable. I don't think a locking trem would be much of an advantage, but YMMV and all. The more i see this JM the more I want one. Maybe next year.

All opinions expressed by this poster are well thought out and based on actual experience and/or scientific experimentation, except for those which are knee-jerk reactions or good sounding fantasies.

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