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Permalink Stephen McParland's Surf Music History Books Now Digitally Available Online

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Australian surf music historian Stephen McParland has put 19 of his excellent books into PDF download format (see link below). Stephen's works are filled with great detail, so these books about Gary Usher, Jan & Dean, PF Sloan, the Walker Bros, and many more really are the last word in such things. Now, you can get these books in a MUCH cheaper and easier format than ordering the hard copies from Australia. Strongly recommended!!

Very cool, thanks John.
I'm sure Norm will be all over these.


Indeed! I have a few of McParland's books but planning on getting some of these digital downloads as well.

BOSS FINK "R.P.M." available now from DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

Glad to hear this. I was always curious about his books but the cost & shipping from Australia always held me back.

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Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
The Scimitars
Lords Of Atlantis
Fiberglass Jungle - Surf Radio

The prolific surf music historian, Stephen McParland has completed two more books, both downloadable as PDF files (as are most of his other works):

"LATIN LUAU" (584 pages!!!!)

Documents the influence of the “LATIN” culture - Spain-Portugal-Mexico-South America-Caribbean - on the development and ongoing nature of SURF MUSIC.
Surf tunes - either vocal or instrumental - of a “LATIN” influence (no matter how vague) have been included, as have group names that bear a connection to surf (and in some instances HOT-ROD MUSIC). Most of these, and the aforesaid tunes, are included in John Blair’s "The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Surf Music 1961-1965" and "The Encyclopedia Of Hot Rod Music 1961-1965," the latter compiled in conjunction with this hombre.
Likewise, some attempt has been made to document Spanish place names (often beaches or beachside locales) mentioned within surf/hot-rod tunes, as well as Spanish terms used to describe either specific surfing manoeuvres or surfing attire - in particular Huaraches!
Two largely non-surf related artists feature heavily within this treatise. These are FRANK ZAPPA and PAT & LOLLY VEGAS, the latter the subject of an entire Appendix, amounting to some 100+ pages.
On the other hand, Zappa is woven into the fabric of some entries, while also, like the Vegas brothers, featured prominently in an appendix (1) which details his early musical forays of a surf music and related nature.

"BEFORE REDBONE: The Pat & Lolly Vegas Story" (116 pp)

Redbone was the first recognised native American rock music group and a successful one at that.
However, this book is NOT about Redbone. It is the prequel to their rise to prominence (and success), a period that is shrouded in confusing anecdotes, inaccurate information and time frames that are contradictory.
With "Before Redbone," an attempt is made to correct these inconsistencies and hopefully provide a more balanced and accurate rendering of the career of PAT & LOLLY VEGAS, the driving force behind what would emerge at the dawn of a new decade as REDBONE.

These two new books, as well as his many others, are available here:

While you're at it, consider getting a copy of his "Surf Beat: The Dick Dale Story." It's the most accurate and complete bio of Dick Dale to date.

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