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I’m still working on my build
I originally wanted to make a reverb and tremolo kit combo into a old army bullet box but now since the surfy compact came out it got me to thinking of getting a pedal enclosure with a small reverb tank and doing it that way

my only question would be can I get a short tank with two springs and still get the classic drip

Last edited: Aug 25, 2020 12:12:28

I've been experimenting with short tanks and have found that the current Accutronics 1AB2B1B pan can create some good drip. However, I found that the gain on the Surfy Bear board was set too high and made the reverb too strong and washy, distorted even. So I had to play around to turn down the gain, now it's much better.

And just today I got some long pans to play with, and found that hooking them up the gain is set too low for them, and you have to turn the controls all the way up to get much drip.

Not sure what other people have experienced or why there is such a difference between long and short pans - the impedance levels in type 1 vs type 4 might be different but I didn't think it would make such a difference.


I experienced something similar when I tried my long MOD tank instead of the short one in my Fender Vaporizer and there was hardly any Reverb noticeable - and the signal received quite a volume drop too - the other way around - short tank with the Surfy Bear worked quite good as far as I remember... but this has been quite some time ago...
Concerning the gain... do you use a 12V+/1A power source?
and where's would you adjust the gain? Is there a trim-pot? Honestly can‘t remember...and on the pics of the circuit I haven‘t seen any.

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I am using a 12V power source (I think it's 2 or 3 amps). There is a trim pot, at least on the newer revisions of the board (I'm not sure about the first version). It's tiny, and located between the Dwell and signal input connections, labelled R12/gain adj. It seems to be free turning, in that you can spin it 360 degrees and keep spinning it - maybe that's how most trimpots work, but I don't know.

Bjorn has said that the trim pots are factory set and usually you don't need to mess with them, but in my case it makes an important difference for using a short pan vs. long pan. My enclosure will only fit a short pan, but I also added external jacks so I could plug in a different pan if I want. This makes it easy to do A/B comparisons, and the differences are easily noticeable.

does anyone have any audio demos of surfybear on vocals and/or drums? i'm an engineer looking for a spring to mix with outside (and including!) guitar.... Thanks!

Here is an example of someone using a SurfyBear Metal for vocals.

MayTheFuzzBeWithYou wrote:

Fender Vaporizer


They who die with the fewest control knobs, win.

I finally finished mine earlier this year. I used both the reverb and tremolo kits and put them in a mojotone cab and chassis. Really happy with the end result. Looks and sounds great



You guys are so inspirational!
I can't wait to finish my build and post pics, too! Mine is a 2-channel SurfyBear in a pedal box.

BTW, if anyone has a tremolo PCB in working cond., please PM me, thanks!

Every time I see a shootout vid, Surfy wins! There's one where the Fender sounds louder, but if you raise the vol. on their recording, the Surfy is exactly the same as their Fender Smile

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