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Permalink setting up Mustang 1 V.2 amp for surf guitar

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I just got a Fender Mustang 1 V2, and I need a little help setting up the models for Surf Guitar. It has Fender '57 deluxe, '59 bassman, and '65 Twin reverb, British Rock, etc.. Effects include delay and reverb models ('63 and '65 Spring reverbs).
The twin model has gain, vol., treble, mid , bass and presence; also delay and reverb effects. Anyone familiar with this amp who can point me in the right direct about a basic set up for traditional early '60s surf such as the Ventures, The Shadows, Surfari's, The Challengers, Dick Dale and etc?


gdhow62--I've got one I use for practice. use the twin reverb setting, turn the gain to 5 or 6 and the volume to 9 or 10. use the 63 reverb setting and a tiny bit of delay. treble and bass to your tastes. I don't think the mustang I has a middle setting on the amp. no presence
either. you will have to mess a bit with the treble and bass. I have never hooked up to the computer to get the surf setting from fender. you certainly can if you want to! good luck!

Enjoying the surf,sun and sand!!

ZZERO: thanks for the advice.


Last edited: Jul 01, 2014 04:27:19

I'd be interested to hear a clip of what this ends up sounding like; perhaps upload one to the gear demo section...?
Good luck! Smile

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

DISCLAIMER: The above is opinion/suggestion only & should not be used for mission planning/navigation, tweaking of instruments, beverage selection, or wardrobe choices.

I use my Mustang Floor Board daily for recording and gigs. I play it through my '63 reissue Fender Tank and into a Fender 100 watt Frontman. The surf sounds you can get out of the Mustang are really good. I use the Twin, Deluxe and Princeton amp settings. Add effects to taste. But the beauty is hooking it to your PC and downloading others presets. There are a lot of surf presets out there. Shadows, Ventures, Dick Dale and so forth. Have fun with it!

I just got a Mustang Mini and also the Mustang II, great amp for the money, no sure about using live but good for practice.
There are some surf presets to download on the Fender Fuse site, I found about 3-4 which were pretty good and then modified them(search under 'surf'). Its a lot of work to get the right sound, I found the Fender Twin amp setting the best, but starting to get some pretty decent tones, I will post on this Topic once I upload some for other to download and try out.

I have all the amps and pedals as well but I like the idea of just plugging into an amp and getting a great surf sound, keep experimenting, you'll get there

'Surf Music Lasts Forever'

I recommend connecting to your computer - its easier to save and organize your presets. I'm not too crazy about the FUSE presets. Just make your own.

You'll notice that the onscreen computer display has a "mids" knob but not on the Mustang 1v2 itself. The is a workaround: just hold down the "exit" button and turn the treble knob to adjust your mids. Kinda clunky but it works.

I like the Deluxe Reverb amp. Here's a starter outboard reverb setting:

Good luck and don't forget to add a little slapback.

I made and uploaded some surf presets for Fender Fuse - for anyone using Fender Mustang Amps
(Note - I am using a Fender Mustang Mini so I pulled-out the mids on these presets, its a 6' speaker, which is all mids, change 'as desired')

'Surf Music Lasts Forever'

I have the Fender Super Champs X2 which is similar to Mustang for effects.
I use the preset Fender Delux with "spring reverb 63".
To get an idea with this songs :
- Dawn Patrol : Dwell = 5 Mixer = 5 Tone = 10
- Pipeline : Dwell = 7 Mixer = 7 Tone = 5
- Dick Dale : Dwell = 5 Mixer = 7 Tone = 4
- Classic Surf : Dwell = 7 Mixer = 7 Tone = 4.
Decay & Diffusn = 50 %

Thanks for sharing these. I've got the Mustang Floor (that I've still not delved too deeply into), so I'll see how they sound through that.

Has anyone come up with a preset for Ewa on the Beach by Frankie and the Pool Boys yet?

Anyone got anymore 63' Fender Fuse Spring Reverb settings that they would like to share for the Twin?

Last edited: Aug 25, 2015 17:36:48

There are lots of users presets for surf in ''modern surf -1" is one of the best.

these are a couple of 'surf' presets I wrote (for Mustang Mini so reduced mid range, also little reverb as I add separately)

'Surf Music Lasts Forever'

This is my main surf preset with some kind of drippy reverb.Enjoy!

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