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Freevibration: yamaha SGV
168 days ago

Freevibration: yamaha SGV
168 days ago

CreepBeat: 2020 sucks
163 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Bango is going bananas in quarantine!
163 days ago

Bango_Rilla: Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
162 days ago

ChuckEMong: would a link to an r-rated video with a good tune be out of line here? Whatever
127 days ago

Emilien03: helloooooo! Big Grin
107 days ago

Clint: “Surf Music Videos” channel on YouTube. If you like, please subscribe. Thanks! https://www....
94 days ago

oestmann: Hello!
17 days ago

Mrblob4: Help, quarantine is hell
10 days ago

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Permalink North Sea Surf Radio to broadcast live from Surfer Joe Summer Festival

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What an amazing event that was! Thank you Niels and everyone involved! Being able to sit at home and really feel being part of this, that's a rare thing you enabled. The interviews, the people, the attitude...
Live surf is so exciting! and you managed to really bring it home, don't know how you did it, but I never heard a "broadcast" that good. The production quality was through the roof. The bands were amazing too... not enough words, I'm overflown...
NSSR rules!

Last edited: Jun 23, 2014 03:18:40

nielsjansen wrote:

Surfites has not been recorded by the way that was at the highly exclusive afterparty, no recording devices allowed. For some things you just have to make the trip here...

Indeed! Thank you and everyone involved for the wonderful broadcast!

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well I fell asleep at 8 pm from sheer lack of sleep.
but I was awoken at 2 am by a text from Jonpaul that he and Marie are now in Paris. So I am listening again now.
I am sure I missed a lot.
interviews and music.
Hope it is all edited and played again.

Cheers to all involved for the hard work, passion, and long hours involved, this was truely amazing to hear.
and I am more than ever going to try to get to surfer joe next year.

get some rest Niels, and everybody else.
you deserve it.


I was only able to listen for a few hours here and there but I'll just echo what people have been saying. The feed sounded amazing, and the interviews and commentary were so incredible and really made me feel like I was there. Thanks for all your hard work to bring Surfer Joe into the homes of people who could not make the trip.

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Hello everybody.

Lorenzo "Surfer Joe" Valdambrini

Hellooooo! Cool
Enjoyed it a lot! Yes
What a nice broadcast and the interviews gave it the special touch.
So bad I'm not going to be able to listen to The Surfites band. Dead
Anyway, thanks Niels and all the NSSR Staff for sharing all the Surf Goodness with those that couldn't make it.

When you have to shoot ... shoot! Don't talk.
"Los Grainders"
"Planeta Reverb"

I was able to hear bits of this broadcast, 50 foot combo, some interviews, Dynamite, someone doing a Zep cover!?

Don't know how you did it, but sure glad you did.


surferjoemusic wrote:

Hello everybody.

How can you be awake? Or did you not go to sleep yet?


Home of Surf & Twang

yeah really, I am crazy from not enough sleep here,
and I wasnt even there.


bigtikidude wrote:

yeah really, I am crazy from not enough sleep here,
and I wasnt even there.

You've been up for days, haven't you.


Home of Surf & Twang

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