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surfinjohnnyq: howdy kats .. I have not checked in in a while... still verbolishous !!
91 days ago

Brian: Thank you Linda, all the best to you.
87 days ago

Brian: Hello Johnny!
87 days ago

Tqi: Is it morally acceptable to use a Radial capacitor in a 1960 amp design?
86 days ago

synchro: TQI, morality is a huge question and capacitors a deep subject. I say do it and don't tell anyone. Smile
75 days ago

bigtikidude: 2018 SG101 convention,
47 days ago

bigtikidude: Who's coming ?
47 days ago

bigtikidude: https://surf...
47 days ago

Clint: I started a YouTube channel: “Surf Music Videos”. https://www.... Hit me up with your favorite “surf” videos and I add them to the list. Thanks!
47 days ago

Tqi: Synchro, I managed to squeeze the Axial's in. Still working on how to lay them out next to the pots though.
36 days ago

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To be debuted at NAMM next week. If Catalinbread does as good of a job with this as they have done with the Belle Epoch and the Echorec, this could be interesting.


Atomic Mosquitos
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Killers from Space

I'm looking forward to it! Let's hope it'll do the drip well enough...

I'm glad they're also attempting to tackle it; I'm still waiting for one that can confidently be taken to practice, maybe even to smaller gigs.


Just saw a YouTube demo of it from NAMM. Not a real in depth demo, but it sure sounds good so far. Looking forward to new reviews. I like a lot of Catalinbread's stuff.

Either you surf, or you fight.

This one?

Atomic Mosquitos
Bug music for bug people is here!
Killers from Space

Hard to tell... the 5 seconds of non-blooz licks was somewhat helpful, but I'm definitely not sold yet.


Hmm . . . skip to 3:10 for the short Topanga demo.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a better demo, but what I heard wasn't blowing me away...

Didn't blow me away either. The tone from that guitar wasn't my cup o' tea.

Matt "tha Kat" Lentz
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the Del-Vamps: 1992-1999, 2006-2007

It sounds like it could have some drip potential, but that demo was frustrating to watch. All of those short frantic jabs at the strings...ugh.

I briefly demo'd it at NAMM . . . didn't blow me away either. However, 1) it was super noisy at NAMM (as usual), and 2) the only demo guitars they had were Gibson-style - the one used in the demo video and a Les Paul Special clone with P-90's which at least was single coil. However, I did hear echo-ey artifacts like in the video when the knobs were cranked. This was based a very quick listen, so I'd be willing to wait for a thorough demo with a Fender guitar before forming a final opinion. I am sure that the guitar shop demos will be on youtube soon . . .

The Counselors

It's been a long time since NAMM and they haven't got anything on their website yet. I read somewhere that they said they finished the pedal the day before NAMM, maybe they're still messing with it. I'm so looking forward to it!

martianspy wrote:

It sounds like it could have some drip potential, but that demo was frustrating to watch. All of those short frantic jabs at the strings...ugh.

I think it was more just to show-case the 'drip'.

Sounded pretty good to me Confused

The Belle Epoch is a stellar delay pedal that models an Echoplex very well. I've read a lot of positive feedback from people who have original EP's and tried the Belle side by side so I think the Topanga will be up to that standard.

Catalinbread is doing a pre-release demo at Rock 'N Roll Vintage in Chicago on Saturday. I think I'm going to go and check it out.

Just got back from the demo. The Topanga is pretty darn good sounding. They brought along Josh Smith to demo the pedals and he said it sounded super close to his early 60s unit. What I liked is that the knobs have a little more range than a real unit and you can get 100% wet. The drip is spot on and not fake sounding like the FRV-1. The decay length is perfect. Overall, I think it's up to the same standard the Belle Epoch set.

This is definitely going to be THE pedal for getting a tank sound. None of the other pedals out there come close.

Damn! I was afraid so... Now I have to get another pedal Smile

WOW! That is so darned close.

THE KBK ... This is the last known signal. We offer Sanctuary.

Uhm, that sounds totally unnatural to me. Listened a couple of times with headphones. There's some artificial click and the tail sounds digital like the FRV-1.
Darn, why did he use a Custom VR? That thing starts to distort at 1!

The Hicadoolas

OK I'm on it.


Here...while that horrible atrocity is fresh in your ears, listen and compare. Think of it this way...a tank is a real woman and these pedals are blow up dolls.

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Last edited: Mar 11, 2014 12:32:20

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