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Permalink J-FET verson of the Fender Tube Reverb Unit

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Saw THIS on the GretschPages forum, could it possibly sound like the real thing?

Wow - Looks like a cool project!

To Boldly go where no Tiki has gone before...

Yeah, he posted on the offset guitar boards as well. He's trying to figure out a way to record it for sound samples. That would be a cool alternative if it did sound like the tube equivalent.

If it does sound really good, just think of all the FRV-1 versus J-FET Tank threads we can start!!!

Duh Dead Reverb Face Palm Fight LMAO Rimshot

Hope it works, the technical aspect is way, way beyond me.

Very impressive and looks promising!

Danny Ellison aka dubtrub


After building quite a few of runoffgroove's designs, my experience with JFET emulation of tube circuits is that although it's no match for the real deal it can produce some really sweet tones. So I really hope to have the time to try to build this sometime...

Off Topic BTW, has anybody built the latest runoffgroove design, the Azabache? Looks pretty interesting as well...

Old punks never die... They just become surf rockers.

The solid state Echoplex's preamp is JFET, and it does wonders for guitar tone. Compared to the tube version it really holds it's own, although not quite as sweet but it still sounds great. So I would imagine if this reverb unit is well designed it should sound really good. Looks like a fun project.

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