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Permalink Man or Astro-Man 2013 Tour!

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simoncoil wrote:

djangodeadman wrote:

Doesn't tally with my experience of the London show.

How was it then?

Musically it was no different from seeing them 15 years ago; a great sounding high energy instrumental band with maybe three vocal numbers (Anti Matter Man, Destination Venus and one other - I've never been good at MoAM? titles). Where it differed was in the presentation. The stage looked good and there was plenty of use of video, but it wasn't decked out like the inside of a space ship, no one wore a flaming TV set on their head or even set light to a theremin and no Tesla coil. Also, they didn't adhere quite so strictly to the "We really are aliens" schtick of the past. Sure, it was mentioned, but you got the impression that these were actually humans from the USA, which they wouldn't have let slip in the past.
In terms of the spectacle, Coco's absence was a big loss, but as a band, MoAM? rocked. I loved it.

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Last edited: Oct 10, 2013 03:50:37

killbabykill34 wrote:

Now, the question remains as to who is playing rhythm for them on this tour.

The answer is, one of the guys from The Octopus Project, who are the support on the tour. Their theremin player played bass for MoAM? too, as well as theremin on some numbers, when the rhythm player switched to bass. She's actually one of the best theremin players I've seen and The Octopus Project were pretty great in their own right.

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Damn!! I'm going to miss their show this Sunday in Copenhagen.

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Saw them in Haarlem Holland last nite. Have been collecting Man or Astro-Man? albums since the mid 90s. So after seeing Bambi Molesters at the Amsterdam North Sea Surf Festival this was another great moment. They rocked the house, pity Coco couldn't make it. Here's a vid someone made, according to a friend I'm in there ... it's of course an album track but the footage is from last nite so is the explanation why Coco souldn't make it ;) Really liked the Octopus Project and happy the lovely Yvonne (who played bass and theremin with MoAM) signed my 1995 MoAM Return to Chaos EP

I am sorry I will miss the show in Berlin tonight. I will try to make it to the Italian show next week. I have done my best but cannot make it.

Lorenzo "Surfer Joe" Valdambrini

hi lorenzo!
if not - come to steyr. i'll make a schnitzl for you Very Happy


Okay, some impressions from yesterday's concert in Berlin: As I already said I kind of waited for this tour to happen quite a while. I started listening to MOAM? when I was around 15 years old, and although there were some phases, during which I did not listen to them so much (in favor of more traditional surf) the whole image of the band always stuck in my head and always fascinated me.

So naturally I was kind of disappointed when I heard that Coco is not on tour with them this time, because I wanted to see the "original line up" very badly (which is kind of ironic considering that MOAM? themselves probably have a total different outlook on the band considering things like the clone tours). But to be honest: Had I known this before the only effect on me would probably have been that I would have thought about it a little longer (like one day) before getting a ticket never the less. When opportunities like this come around you only have the choice of taking what you can get or kicking your own butt the next years for not going (I've been there, believe me).

So in the end I can only say that it was definetely worth the money: Starcrunch and Birdstuff totally rocked out! I never had even realized what a great drummer Birdstuff actually is!

The only downside for me was the bass player: I imagine that she probably had to learn a lot of songs in a really short time, since she looked like she had to put a lot of effort into playing very simple parts and didn't move a single step during the songs (which made a very strong contrast to everybody else). But then again she is a kick ass theremin player, perhaps the best one I have ever seen, which in the end definetely made up for that (I also quite liked her own band: the Octopus Project).

I had a lot of fun (being directly in front of the stage) and I think this also the case for most of the people, who were there. A lot of people danced wildly and the band even played a song that some girl requested before the show, although they never played it live before (respectively never played it after they recorded it)! I can't remember the title, but it was a vocal and produced by Steve Albini according to Starcrunch. If I would see it in a list of songs I would probably recognize it, but I haven't found anything so far.

I just hope they come back next year! Or anything sooner than 2023...

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Last edited: Oct 11, 2013 03:58:55

Hope so indeed!

vids I took in Haarlem Holland, not the best of quality am afraid.
Yvonne on theremin:

last encore:
Defcon 5

No this was the last encore, oops:

Ok, I saw them in Berlin.
The support band "Octopus Project": Oh, unfortunately totally boring for me... 80`s wave style, noise, toooooooo much samples all the time... not very creative... They sound like they want to be something special but it did not get me hot... There were bands in the eighties who did similar stuff much better...

MOAM?: Yes, always worth to see them!!! No Coco, so the funny entertainment was missed a bit...
I liked "Antimatter man" as opener! I like those cool vocal songs a lot!
Many songs from many albums! Very good!
Sound: Bad... Starcrunch`s guitar sounded thin and muddy... not loud enough.
Birdstuff and Starcrunch kick ass! It is so funny to watch Birdstuff playing.
And Starcrunch is a great player, at last a punk rocker. Very good! He looks like all 4 Devos in one person. Cool guy!

Not so much talking between the songs, more Ramones style! Also good!!!

The bassist girl was a bit boring, even the 2nd guitarist more a background artist...

Twang cheers!

Ralf Kilauea
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