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Number9: Two surfers are getting ready to paddle out. Surfer one: "Hey, guess what! I got a new longboard for my wife!" Surfer two: "Great trade!"
67 days ago

Clarry: I thought my wife was joking when she said she wanted to go to a Monkees concert in Switzerland, then I saw her face, now I'm in Geneva....
62 days ago

Clarry: I went to Fight Club last night. I was so excited I wasn't paying attention and missed the rules. Anyway, Fight Club is amazing and I'm going to tell all my friends!!
55 days ago

Clarry: Our neighbours knocked on our door at 2.30 this morning. Can you believe that? The inconsiderate bastards. 2.30am. Luckily I was still up playing my drums.
55 days ago

DonKiyote: Had some bubble wrap delivered today. They asked me where I wanted it and I said just pop it in the corner.
50 days ago

DonKiyote: The best time to meet a friend is at 12.59. That 1 to 1 time is invaluable.
49 days ago

da-ron: What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care
48 days ago

da-ron: Someone threw a bottle of Omega 3 pills at me!! Luckily my injuries were only super fish oil
30 days ago

remora1: A man tried to sell me a coffin today. I told him that's the last thing I need.
28 days ago

TheAmpFibian: I've got more problems than a math quiz
17 days ago

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I'll second what da-ron says about the Surfy Bear reverb: I'm super happy with mine. Sounds great! I built mine into a metal toolbox: the board is attached to the lid, the reverb pan sits in the removable tray, and the rest now becomes space to carry cables and stuff.

I'll stick my neck out here, because I expect a lot of people will disagree, but I find that delay and reverb don't really mix. If you're playing surf with a decent amount of reverb, then you don't need any delay. It sounds a bit of a mess to my ears.

A decent reverb unit will give you enough of a delay effect, any more on top doesn't help.

I agree that full-on surf reverb plus echoes can sound too cluttered. Nice for spatious sustained chords with a bit of vibrato arm wobble.
Typicaly, I will reduce the Mix on my reverb if I click on my El Capistan so it sounds a bit like Hank Marvin.
In general, not all effects will sound good for all playing styles. When you find a nice recipe, it can be very...uh...."effective". Hmmm

Mai Tai Surf on Facebook
'Destination Saturn' EP (Feb 2016 release) on iTunes

Fender Strat/CP Jazzmaster & Jaguar/Surfy Bear Reverb/'63 Fender RI Reverb/'68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb/Strymon El Capistan & Flint/Xotic EP Booster

I use my el cap quite a bit during chorusing and bridges where I want the sound to stick out a little bit more in the mix and have a little more movement. Think of the chorus on Mr Lou. The echos themselves are mixed low and the repeats are set all the way to the left and basically slap back. What I did was set the gain all the way up so I get a big boost out of it. I will occasionally use the infinite hold button. I just acquired a favorites switch to store this as a default so I can experiment with other settings but this is my go to and it's very subtle when it comes to echo and repeats.

The Kahuna Kings

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