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hey all,

i was looking for a cheap fuzz pedal to play some spaghetti and davie allen tunes. i found out about the danelectro french toast which seems to pretty good for my purposes.

anyone got experiences with it?

also i stumbled acros the danelectro FAB echo and wanted to ask, if its any good for surf?

i would use both with a RI tank.

Check out the SpaghettiWestern Fuzz thread

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Fiberglass Jungle Radio

thx, i allready read this thread before, i just hoped i could carry toghter some more opinions on the french toast.

I played one, good for $30. But if you can afford more then you should look at doing so. There are some really good fuzz pedals for $100-$150. The French Toast will be a paper weight once you become discerning about its sound.

You get what you pay for.

ok, thank you. i also was considering "the ennio fuzz", but i dont want to spent that much money, since i dont even play in a band and i would need the pedal only for messing arround at home.

I'll second what Jake said... good for the money.

I got my French Toast used for 17 bucks after playing with it side by side with some more expensive used Fuzzes in the 60-70$ range.

For my basement hack playing skills it does the job and I am happy with it.
Will I someday maybe want the Ennio? More than likely but for now the French Toast make me warm and Fuzzy.

"Maybe there aren't any surf bands; there's only surf music?" Tuck

I have a French Toast and a reproduction Fuzzrite. I prefer the Fuzzrite, but the French Toast does a fine job for 60's biker/spaghetti western stuff.

ok, since there dont seem to be anyone who totally dislikes it, i guess i ll take it then ;)

thanks everyone for the input so far.

ive had good results with the behringer super fuzz, its supposed to be a clone of the boss fz-2, you can get them in the $20's on amazon

of course i ended up getting a more expensive fuzz and dont use it anymore, lol fuzzes have a funny way of leading to more fuzzes

The French Toast is more than the standard fuzz. And less. It is actually an exact clone of the fOXX Tone Machine. The Tone Machine is an octave fuzz which, thirty years or so ago, was itself a sort of Octavia copy. If you want your spaghetti western or Davie Allan tune to sound like it was covered by Hendrix, then this is your pedal.

That said, it is a fun pedal and it will annoy the rest of your band to no end and can be had for less than $20. However, turning down the octave-up effect, reveals only a fair (but not great) fuzz for surfy stuff, IMHO. But with a hint of that octave dialed in there, it is pretty good.

For my money and the sound that I predict you are going for, a modern FUZZbrite (a clone of the old Mosrite FUZZrite) by Ashbass is the ticket. YMMV.


I bought a French Toast many years ago. Sounded great by itself, and (unlike my Dano Chicken Salad pedal) it never conked out like many cheapo pedals do. However, I found it could get very easily lost in the mix when a full band is chuggin' away. I eventually gave it away as part of a raffle prize.

I agree with LHR that the Fuzzbrite is a great old-school "angry kazoo" fuzz, and they can be had for 100 bucks or less, so's they ain't uber-pricey, either. They could stand to be a little louder, but the sound they make is quality.

Personally, I use an Ampeg Scrambler, which I got a really good deal on, but alas, they ain't cheap no more.


"Angry Kazoo" New band name. Big Grin


Last edited: Mar 08, 2012 23:03:40

Tom Reiser of TR Guitars in Tustin recorded as "Tommy Kazoo" for at least one CD. Great luthier BTW. I have 2 of his Strat necks.

Those tiny little Danelectro pedals have always amazed me. While not perfect, most of them deliver a much better tone than their price would suggest. I still use the Tuna Melt tremolo on my board. I cannot say that I can dial in my desired settings on it. But, I have gotten some great sounds out of it.

THE KBK ... This is the last known signal. We offer Sanctuary.

Well, no experience w/the French Toast, but I've got a "Rocky Road-Spinning Speaker". It's "adequate"...."ya get what ya' pay for"..etc. It does a pretty good B-3 speaker, is obnoxious & noisy, cost $47 w/ a 9-volt adapter thrown in. It's not an "effect" I use much & serious inquiries should be made into better pedals (BBE "Soul Vibe" or "Mind Bender" (for B-3 spkr & tremolo) or BBE "Free Fuzz" (Fuzz), etc). It is brown.

Last edited: Mar 14, 2012 18:07:10

The Dano Cool Cat pedals are worth a look. There's a good fuzz (for as little as I know about fuzz pedals) in that line. I've got the CC trem pedal, and had the Transparent OD. Both great pedals, and built to last.

How many guitars are enough?

Just one more...

Monument Music

"Angry Kazoo" New band name. Big Grin

Back when I worked for SCOTS, Rick Miller and me were always checking out new fuzz pedals wherever we went. The two terms we came up with to describe what we were looking for were Angry Kazoo (for early 60's Maestro Fuzz Tone-type fuzzes) and Godzilla Fart (for 70's Big Muff-like fuzzes). Later, after I got a Jordan Bosstone, He came up with another term: Confused Overdrive.


+1 for the Cool Cat Fuzz. I think it's the same price as the French toast, but it's more solidly built, and its fuzz tone is less Hendrixian and more suitable for Spaghetti in my opinion. It's supposed to be a Frantone Peachfuzz clone.

Old punks never die... They just become surf rockers.

didnt know about the cool cat fuzz before. after checking some clips on youtube, i might go for it instead. i cant do anything but trust a guy with such an avatar Smile

Don't trust the avatar. I am still quite new to the whole surf genre, although I have been a fan of Ennio Morricone, Luis Enriquez Bacalov, Bruno Nicolai et al for a long time. There are a lot of people (especially on this forum) whose level of knowledge and experience I can only dream of aproaching in 3 or 4 decades image

Old punks never die... They just become surf rockers.

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