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Tqi: Can we talk about how hard it is to get hold of the Brownface 350K/70K treble pots?
54 days ago

Tqi: Raw Purple Sprouting Broccoli is the most delicious part of spring.
48 days ago

dragonfly: Congrats bigtikidude on your first pier show. I sure miss doing them but happy ypu've continued the program. Great selection of bands for the year. Much love Linda xo
41 days ago

dragonfly: Congrats Brian for keeping sg101 going for all these years.Your friend Linda
41 days ago

bigtikidude: Thank you Linda, wish you could see them still
40 days ago

surfinjohnnyq: howdy kats .. I have not checked in in a while... still verbolishous !!
33 days ago

Brian: Thank you Linda, all the best to you.
30 days ago

Brian: Hello Johnny!
30 days ago

Tqi: Is it morally acceptable to use a Radial capacitor in a 1960 amp design?
28 days ago

synchro: TQI, morality is a huge question and capacitors a deep subject. I say do it and don't tell anyone. Smile
18 days ago

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Permalink I think we just had an Earthquake here in NC ?

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Rattled pretty good at about 10:05am for about 2 seconds. Felt and heard it.

Anybody else ?

METEOR IV on reverbnation

Could have been any one of those people who ate one of those burgers from the burger thread!!/rich.derksen.7

Hmmm, I didn't feel it in the Piedmont.


There are a lot of reports going around the whole state (NC) of severe rattling/shaking of bldgs followed by a massive boom. No earthquakes reported. Lot's of this going on around the country the last few years. :-/

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Last edited: Feb 28, 2012 12:27:37

The local media is saying it's not an Earthquake as the USGS is reporting no seismic activity??? FB and the local TV station (WECT) has hundreds of reports though from about Brunswick Co north to Carteret Co.

Here's the latest USGS report

METEOR IV on reverbnation

Some are saying sonic booms, but what I heard and felt was no sonic boom.

The military states they are not engaged in any exercises that would cause this type of phenom.

METEOR IV on reverbnation

Pappa_Surf wrote:

Could have been any one of those people who ate one of
those burgers from the burger thread!


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Las_Barracudas wrote:

Some are saying sonic booms, but what I heard and felt
was no sonic boom.

The military states they are not engaged in any
exercises that would cause this type of phenom.

They never own up to sonic booms when they're testing anything.

The high desert gets sonic booms all the time and they blame it on a dynamite factory that has repeatedly denied testing their explosives on their grounds at any scale that could cause windows to shake 50 miles away. And of course there is a skunkworks up there too, that I'm sure NEVER tests their billion dollar top secret planes at super sonic speeds, right? Right...

Anyways, take it from a Military Intelligence veteran of 12 years. Just because the military releases a press conference doesn't make it so. If the USGS says it wasn't seismic, there aren't a lot of other alternatives. A big explosion... or super sonic activity... or some really bad (or good) drugs, lol

Well, what I felt sure seemed like an earthquake, the whole house shook like mad for about 2 seconds followed by another shorter shake immediately after the initial one. Also a very pronounced audible rumble (not a boom or pow).

"If" it was something the military was doing, based on what I experienced I'm going to say they are endangering the local populous and environment.

Thing is this phenom is being reported along at least 5 coastal counties spanning app: 200 miles ???

METEOR IV on reverbnation

There's a whole lot of people talking about whatever it was HERE.

Bill S._______

HELLDIVER on Facebook

Most that live here on the SE Coast are familar with the "Seneca Guns" phenom, but what we had yesterday was much different.

Over the years I've heard the Seneca Guns many times on land and offshore.

Don't know and all has been quiet since???

METEOR IV on reverbnation

One thing I've got my eye on is cover-ups surrounding fracking for shale gas. Reportedly, fracking can trigger earthquakes and there is concern that the high pressure may result in poisoned groundwater.

Since a lot of elecricity in the US comes from combustion turbine generators, there are a lot of powerful people who need to keep a cheap source of natural gas flowing. Fracking is pretty new and has of course been labelled as safe for the environment.

According to the NC Dept of Environment and Natural Resources:

"Technically recoverable gas is thought to exist in the Sanford sub-basin (including Lee, Chatham and Moore counties) and possibly the Dan River sub-basin (including Stokes and Rockingham counties)."!/rich.derksen.7

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