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hey guys and girls, i don't mean to blaspheme here, but i was asked to join a band playing rhythm, a non-surf band. more like an indie rock band. i don't currently own an amp. the other dude has a fender super reverb 4X10 combo. original from like 65 or whenever. i believe these are 40 watt amps if i'm not mistaken.

would a vox ac15 keep up with this? my other thought was fender 65 deluxe reverb? or any other suggestions?

edit to add: what about the 22 watt super sonic or an ac30?
and no, i'm not leaving the surf world, just looking to play. thanks.


Last edited: Feb 25, 2012 02:33:24

  1. How hard is he pushing the Super?
  2. Will your rhythm guitar need to stay clean while competing with the Super?

All the amps you ask about have significantly less wattage than the Super Reverb. If the other guy is running his amp on the easy side, then you might be all right, but if he is squeezing every bit of those 40 watts then you may be under powered. Of all the amps you mention, the AC30 comes the closest to being able to compete.

I used to play in a band where I had a silver face Vibrolux Reverb (35 watts, run at 4-5 on the volume) and the rhythm player had a DRRI. We had a good balance early in the night, but by the end of the night, his DRRI had trouble staying clean to keep up with my Vibrolux.

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Don't be fooled into thinking that an AC30 is a quiet amp; they are seriously loud and would easily compete with a 40 watt Super Reverb.

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Vox AC30.

METEOR IV on reverbnation

I concur, AC30 all the way, especially for Indie music.

Personally, I think mixing Vox and Fender sounds awesome in general.

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A Fender Deluxe Reverb will "compete" & work well w/a Super Reverb. (They are also about 15-20 lbs. lighter than a Super). When I played out in the 70's-80's, I used a Strat & a Super Reverb & I think it's one of the best combo's on planet Earth ! Later I used a Deluxe Reverb by itself (VG) but if ya' could swing it price-wise, consider the Super. I now just use the Deluxe Reverb & it's more than OK, plus it's size & weight appeal to my "aging" frame.....if I was younger tho', I'd be "schleppin' a Super Reverb" around w/me, cos' they just sound so good w/those 4x10"'s. !! Good Luck !

Last edited: Feb 25, 2012 08:41:57

thanks for all the replies. i know that as far as power, the ac30 is the closest. i was wondering if any of those other amps stood a chance as i have never actually played any of them but the ac15.

the band isn't loud and noisy. he says he never runs the super above 3 or 4 and is usually on 2 at practice. he runs an od pedal all the time and uses a volume pedal on the choruses. i also agree that a vox mixed with a fender would be cool.

jonfender, size and weight are kind of a factor. even he was complaining about the weight of the super. thanks everyone.


If you don't need to stay clean, and aren't playing at Motorhead volumes, the AC15 should do fine. I normally play a Peavey Classic 50 (worth looking into if you ask me) but have a 5 watt Kustom head that will keep up with it on all but extreme settings. A buddy of mine uses a Valve Jr. in a band with another guitarist with a 100w combo and is heard just fine.

As long as they keep the volume tolerable, any tube amp should be able to hold it's own in that situation. Personally, I've never found anything my Peavey couldn't do at any volume. It sounds good at reasonable living room levels, and dimed, and everywhere in between. There's also the Classic 30 or Delta blues amps that are worth mentioning.

Peavey gets a bad wrap, but their tube amps are really well designed, and bulletproof.

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Just one more...

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I think Peavey amps have a strong following on this board. I was also going to suggest trying the AC15. If he's not killing people, you should be able to do just fine. I say give it a shot before you shop. You'll have a better basis for comparison.

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A Vibrolux Reverb is basically the same amp with 2 10's instead of 4. Different output transformer. One of each here ('69 SF SR and a '78 SF VR ) I feel my VR is a little tighter on the bottom than my SR. Both amps are road warriors so they've been "played hard and put away wet" and still keep on burnin'. BTW 40 watts 6L6 output, plenty loud enuff. (Unless the other guy shows up with a Twin Reverb or a Showman!)

thanks again everyone. had never considered the vibrolux before, thanks for pointing it out. i think at this time i'm gonna try the ac15 and see how that goes as it's about half the price of some of the others. i'll let you know.

now.... i'm still gonna need a surf amp!

Peavey Delta Blues reverb, tremlo 30 watts and a big 15" speaker used $400.00 new $595.

Lose the 9s Delbert

I gigged with a Peavey for years (not Surf), and it was a versitle dependable great sounding rig. I had the Classic 4x10 model.

As stated the Delta Blues is another versitle good sounding amp and the price is right. About my only complaint would be the reverb is a bit lacking imo. Easy mod though or just go with an outboard tank or pedal.

METEOR IV on reverbnation

+1 on the previously mentioned Peavey's Gigged for a short time with a Classic 30. A really nice sounding amp.

One of my amps I currently use is a Peavey Classic 30. Down tremlo.That's why I also have a DRRI with a speaker upgrade.

Lose the 9s Delbert

Not familiar with the Vox AC15. I use one or two original Super Reverbs for outdoor gigs, usually one for indoor jobs, occasionally use a Vibrolux in a smaller room. I do mostly lead and have found that the rhythm guitar player sounds better if he plays in a larger amp (he'll use an old Concert for outside jobs - its very similar to the Super, 4 x 10's.) Its a mater of taste but I like to hear the rhythm played clean. My suggestion would be something like Vibrolux, a Pro Reverb, or another Super. A blackface Super Rever with CTS alnico speakers is my favorite amp, it really does work well with a strat.

thanks for the suggestions. i ordered the ac15 today. i'll see how that works out for now. went over to his house to go over a few songs. some chords i'm not used to playing and a few odd tempos. hope i can do this!


joe138 wrote:

now.... i'm still gonna need a surf amp!

The AC15 will do surf! Big Grin

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Last edited: Feb 26, 2012 00:47:12

hey everyone, wanted to say thanks for the input. the ac15 arrived last week and it's been great, but i have decided not to join my friends band. i like his band fine, but it's not really the stuff i want to focus on playing. i've been plugging my danelectro 56U2 reissue straight in and listening to the sonics, the hives, the mummies, etc. still going to work on my surf, but in the meantime, i'm really liking this.


joe138 wrote:

hey everyone, wanted to say thanks for the input. the ac15 arrived last week and it's been great, but i have decided not to join my friends band. i like his band fine, but it's not really the stuff i want to focus on playing. i've been plugging my danelectro 56U2 reissue straight in and listening to the sonics, the hives, the mummies, etc. still going to work on my surf, but in the meantime, i'm really liking this.


Congrats on the new amp, glad you're diggin' it!

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