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bigtikidude: Since last Sunday was Easter, and some of you may have missed my Show playing the bands that will be at the SurfGuitar101 Convention. It will replay again this Sunday at 1 pm pacific time. Tune in at: www.northsea... Thank you
68 days ago

Emilien03: 101 days until SurfGuitar101 Convention #10 !!! Cool
64 days ago

60 days ago

Rideatriumph: Just got a 1963 dano pro after 15 years of not playing. Going to try surf rock and see how I like it.
40 days ago

bigtikidude: The FB event page for the SG101 Convention: https://m.fa...
24 days ago

Emilien03: Get yours!
23 days ago

Emilien03: https://surf...
23 days ago

TommyCGuitar: Check out my new surf guitar instrumental EP "Mojado Rodadora" at https://www....
17 days ago

mom_surfing: ted pilgrim.....your mailbox is full
17 days ago

spskins: Mom, it should be clear now
17 days ago

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Grab your bike and pedal to 8 different surf bands all playing for the marathon on super bowl Sunday, February 5. It all begins at 8 am at the Pier in HB. THE BREAKAWAYS play on the pier, Main and PCH; THE RIPTIDES, Goldenwest and PCH; GOOFYFOOTS, Seapoint and PCH; HIGH TIDE, Bolsa Chica main entrance; the MAI TAIS, also at Bolsa Chica; Johnny C band, on course; FABULOUS NOMADS followed by OUTER WAVE on the Main Stage at the Expo. Best bet is to park off Brookhurst or Magnolia and PCH entrance to HB beaches and pedal toward the pier. It's great fun, the weather should be perfect and all the bands play from 8 until 1 PM. FREE!

Craig Skelly

I was lucky enough to be in HB last year for the marathon, and Eddie K and I rode HBK's beach cruisers around and saw several bands, including The Breakaways. REALLY fun time!

"You can't tell where you're going if you don't know where you've been"

I've gone down there the last 6 years or so,
Hope to make it again.


this Sunday.

bands play 7 am ish to 1 pm ish.

THE BREAKAWAYS play on the pier, Main and PCH;
THE RIPTIDES, Goldenwest and PCH;
GOOFYFOOTS, Seapoint and PCH;
HIGH TIDE, Bolsa Chica main entrance;
the MAI TAIS, also at Bolsa Chica;
Johnny C band, on course;
FABULOUS NOMADS followed by OUTER WAVE on the Main Stage at the Expo.

and still plenty of time to get home and watch SUPER BOWL!!!!!!
if yer into that type of thing.


I've really got to run this one sometime.

HUGE THANKS to all the supporting bands. Way cool. Thumbs Up

Unless you've run 26.2, you have no idea how big these "stages" are for the runners.


El Mirage @ ReverbNation

7 hours from now
bed time soon.


Wish I was close. I hope someone posts some videos.

well considering that I went to bed at 1 am ish on sat. night.
I should have slept in sun. morning.
But I set my alarm, and got up.
went down to HB. Stopped at HB kahuna's house,
borrowed a beach cruiser from him.
and set off for Bolsa Chica beach. North of HB by about 6 miles or so.
Got to the end, and watched about 45 min. or so of High Tide.
then worked my way back down the bike trail.
for some reason there was a guy doing a solo singer/acoustic guitar thing
on the trail. Not sure why? Not bad, just not surf like the rest of the bands on the trail for the Marathon.
Saw the Mai Tai's for about 5 min.( Not really my bag) didn't dig the trad songs, played with distortion and chorus, and it sounded like chorus on the bass too. Shock
The Goofyfoots who don't play too often, were sounding amazing,
and playing lots of obscure songs, some from the Endless Summer soundtrack, and some Astronauts deeper catalog.
The Riptides sounded good on the way to Bolsa Chica, but on my way back,
they had just stopped to take a break. Doh!!! bad timing.
The Breakaways were at Main St. and doing a great job as always.
mix of trad songs, and some of their originals.
Then I went down to the Runners gathering area for after the race, where they get their results etc.
and Outerwave was playing on a big stage with Pro. PA.
they sounded amazing. Some people were digging them, and some were totally ignoring them. bizarre as it may seem, some of these runners are just in their own little world.

needless to say I was beat dead after that ride.
what a workout, and on a single speed beach cruiser.
I don't know how people can run that, I can barely ride it.


as it happens my good friend JAMES LOWE from THE ELECTRIC PRUNES posted some pix on my Facebook page from this event. He got to meet THE BREAKAWAYS, and asked them if they knew who I was? They then told him how I shot a series of videos of them at the SO-CAL WINTER SURF FEST 2012 a couple of weeks ago!! Small world. Believe James' Daughter was one the leaders of the people who put together and ran the Marathon? When I see this stuff, it makes me so want to live in that area. They are moments I wish I could just pack in the life I have in NYC, and head out West. Or maybe maintain a dual residency?? Of course I need to make a decent living to support this kind of bi-Coastal lifestyle. Dream on, Unsteady Freddie!!


Freddie, we enjoyed meeting your friend James. He came up and introduced himself to us and we had a good little chat. That whole show was very fun. Good crowd.

Craig Skelly

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