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I managed to acquire a "surf project guitar" locally. It's a 60's Gemtone guitar from Japan. The pickguard is completely chromed, when I got it the wiring from the pots were removed but it worked. I just purchased 2 pots, a B50k and a B100k. I assume the the 100 is the volume and the 50 is the tone? I know that what had been in there because the remains of them were in the bag when I got it. Now I want to wire it up. I know virtually nothing except that the ground is in the middle of the back of the pots. I also put the capacitor back the way I think it goes. SO, I have labelled this photo with RED letters. If anyone can tell what should go were, I will follow your instructions verbatum :}. Anything would be helpful.


You've got it right, the 100k should be the volume pot and the 50k the tone. I read that Teisco used a wide variety of pot values in their guitars though (100k/50k, 500k/500k, 100k/250k and many more).

Can you read a schematic ? I've found a generic Teisco one that looks like it could apply to your model too (except for pot values):

If you can't, I can try to help you, but I'm not very good at guitar wiring so it may take several tries Embarrassed In any case it will require a pic of the whole circuit (including the pickups and their wires).

Old punks never die... They just become surf rockers.

Hey, I am building up a Teisco axe from bare body and neck (mahogany! covered in black hand-rubbed lacquer!) and got a couple of big silver Teisco p'ups + a Strat p'up for the middle. I was unaware of odd pot values. Will normal 250k pots work alright with those pickups?
Also, for space consideration and keeping with the Teisco vibe, I am using a cluster of 3 DPDT mini sliders as p'up on/off switches. Can anyone provide a diagram of how best to wire them? Series? Parallel? Combo of the two?

Squink Out!

Congrats on finding a Gemtone guitar. A buddy of mine has been looking for one for years now. Hard to find..... Exclamation cigarboxnation has a Teisco lovers group that hasmemb3rs with a wealth of knowledge on it. Might want to check it out.

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

Thanks T-Fan. I will check cigarboxnation for a T-group.
Actually, my question is not T-specific, just about how to wire those Jag-type mini-slider switches. I have not yet seen a diagram of one or more used as pickup on/off switches. Dang Argh

Squink Out!

Last edited: Jun 06, 2014 20:46:32

Might not be what your looking for but could be a good reference. Very Happy

I am not obsolete, I am RETRO.... Cool

Thanks, I overlooked that diagram. It may be helpful, showing another wiring of on/off switches.
I found this Binary Tree Diagram here ( should allow Series & Parallel with 2 DPDT switches. Don't ask me how it works. I will give it a shot – but will have to guess how a middle p'up is wired parallel to it. Looking at Fender Jag schematics should clarify it.

Squink Out!

Last edited: Jun 09, 2014 20:06:11

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