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TheAmpFibian: People are always shocked to find out how bad of an electrician I am.
171 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day HBSM Jam 2012 was during my tenure. OMG do I miss those days but nowadays I couldn't handle it. No
154 days ago

dragonfly: Pic of the day OMG how I loved The Torquays and miss them very much. Yes
137 days ago

simoncoil: FWIW my guess for the ending of GoT was a surprising "Invasion fo the Dragonmen" (Hey-ho, hey-ho ...)
120 days ago

Surf_Skater: Congratulations JonPaul and Marie!
87 days ago

tubeswell: Anyone in Cali affected by the quakes?
73 days ago

Scrane255: Marty smith was my Uncle! Would like to see pictures of the nobles band
67 days ago

josheboy: Convention in 1 week!!
53 days ago

bigtikidude: 4 days and counting. Who's coming?
50 days ago

dragonfly: Has anyone heard the new Ford commercial with Dick Dale's Misirlou in the background? I have and it's awesome but too bad they waited till DD passed away. Long live the King!.
38 days ago

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I went through all the Greenman IPA I recently brought back from Asheville and went back to my long time fave Sierra Nevada Turbo.... Best $13.99 a 12 pack at Publix on the face of the planet.



Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

Hard day(((

Waikiki Makaki surf-rock band from Ukraine


Onedin Giraldo - Reverb, set, go!

The Me Gustas on Bandcamp
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Last edited: Jan 03, 2018 08:57:59

coffee with Armagnac

Beer, beer, beers, and gonna brew my own very soon. Smile

I've had enough fun today. Just beer. Smile

Old Overholt Rye. Among other things.

Just plain ice tea,
No sugar, no lemon, no flavorings.
Never thought I'd be a tea drinker.


Dales Pale Ale, but it's almost empty.

Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters
"Dick Dale meets Dennis Lehane"


Agent Surfcat Cool

Agent Octopus
Blue-Eyed Surf CD on BandCamp
Reverb Galaxy
Reverb Galaxy at CD Baby

Lots n lots of water.
I'll prob have a few beers on Friday.


Cooper Sparking Ale - home brew (5.8%) don’t want to run out of the stuff

'Surf Music Lasts Forever'

Number9 wrote:

Beer, beer, beers, and gonna brew my own very soon. Smile

All right, everything came out smoothly. My first batch, about 12 Gal. (Belgian Golden Ale) is now fermenting in the cellar and i must say i was delighted and quite relieved to hear and see bubbles pop out of the fermentor's airlock yesterday.
Back from a gig i won't be drinking MY beer this evening..., so i'm having some generic "Pale Ale" for the moment as i intend to be reading this amusing weird thread about the renaming of surf music. Fun times! Wink


Tonight it's Southern Tier 2xIPA

Back to good ole Big Nose, an IPA from local brewer Swamp Head.
It's usually a 6 pack of that or Elysian Space Dust.
I like IPAs, obviously.

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