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Hi All,

"Yellow Jacket" using a backing track for "Bus Stop"
and several other soundfiles (mp3's) that I had' nt posted before.
These are the titles:
All recorded on my home PC.

  • Abel Boogie: A composition of mine. For backing, I used a
    midi file from the net and enhanced it.
  • Atlantis: A Shadows tune (also on video)
  • Blue Star: A Shadows tune
  • Dawn: Vinnie Bell 1964. (I reduced the original lead and I play it)
  • Django's Valse: A Django tune
  • Guitar Theme: Billy Mure (I reduced the original lead and I play it)
  • It's Been A Blue Day: A Shadows tune
  • Pour Trois pas: A Gypsy valse of Romane (a French Gypsy player)
  • Rock This Town: Brian Setzer. I took the part where the big band
    only is playing, and created a brand new theme over it.
  • Sha...Boogie: Another composition of mine played over the same BT I
    used for Abel Boogie, but with a faster beat(back in the
    60's it used to be my band signature song and intro)
  • Swing 42: A Django tune I play in harmonies and with new riffs.
  • Take Five: Paul Desmond.
  • Valse a Patrimonio: Another valse from Romane.
  • Yellow Jackets: The Ventures. in my own way with a midi BT of another
    tune really ("Bus Stop" I think).

On the <u>"Audio's"</u> section of my website:

I hope you like them.


Hi All,

What a great show at Suzy's last Saturday.
Nice to be there and see all those great bands performing and
unleashing their superb twang.
Thank you Jeff.
I guess I' ll dedicate this one to Marty for his Birthday.
(I think someone here requested it too).
It's called GERONIMO, composed in the early 60's by Hank Marvin.
I play it with changes and in double-stops. The problem is that the
harmony line being on the higher strings is a little bit louder than the
melody on the lower strings which happen to sound dull.
But if you know the melody, you can still hear it.
It's a bit hectic but I hope you like it.


Hi All,

I am almost done with the videos.
This time, you can turn your volume up all the way as there is no
clipping (I think).
It 's probably because the guitar volume is down.
Havn' t touched the acoustic since the Django episodes, so you' ll
hear misses.
I modified the original with personal arrangements and harmonies.
I also fitted a piece from a well-known theme that you will easely recognize
I still hope you like it.

PS: The Teddy Bear with the red strat you see next to me is a careful replica of my website picture offered as a Christmas present by a friend of the family.


Merry Christmas to everyone,

This is my attempt at "What d' I Say" (Ray Charles).
A bit hectic aswe are reaching the year's end, but I hope
you will like it.


Hi All,

Wonderful Land and Apache (Jeff's requests).
I hope you like it.


Hi All,

An intrumental classic: "Apache". I play all the guitar tracks
except the rhythm guitar.
I play 3 melody lines that I added to the backing track.
The guitar keeps slipping away from my lap.
Keep in mind that it's a raw recording through the built-in mic
of a picture camera. There is some clipping too.
I still hope you like it.

Brian I don't know if this is the best way to update the posting
by adding a new recording and keeping the previous messages

Best Regards,

Hi All,

Jeff, Sorry to hear that you were taken to the hospital.
I hope this will make you feel a little better.
It's a surf tune I just heard from a French surf band I knew
from the 60's called "Les Fantomes".
In French, it's "La Marche Des Aigles".
A friend made me a copy of the CD, I reduced considerably the lead
guitar and I play over it.
I didn' t even take the time to learn correctly the tune and did the harmonies to the bass on the fly and wrong with a detuning guitar.
I havn' t heard the local bands play it here.
I am sure they would have alot of fun doing it.

Jeff There is even a bass solo for you to do.

I still hope you like it.
Next time we meet, I' ll make you a copy of this CD from 1961-64
French Surf. You will find it fascinating.

Best Regards to all,

Last edited: Jan 18, 2007 22:51:09

Hi All,

I would like to upload a picture of the CD cover from my hard drive.
Can someone tell me how to do it?.

Thank you,


I use this image hoster:
Click the browse button and search for the image on your hard drive. Then host it. Then I usually just copy the direct image link of the many provided, but use whatever looks like the right option.

Best of Luck!

<img src="klzzwxh:0000"></img>

Abdel, you have to use BBCode, not HTML. Post it like this:


Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Hi Brian,

Sorry, I hope it works this time:



abdel, cool you have that. is stuff from the magic label available in the US? they have quite a lot of 60's stuff, not too cheap though.

they have one fantomes album listed now, but it's a different cover.


Rules to live by #314:
"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

oh, and what title is this clip under? is it double eagle? WR

Rules to live by #314:
"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

Hi WR,

The name of the tune in French is : "Marche Des Aigles".
I hope the members of this forum will discover this genuine band
from the very early 60's and play some of their tunes.
They were superb musicians.

You probably can find them at :

I will make a copy for Jeff next time I meet him (maybe at his
friend's big upcoming party in mid January).


Please (Disreguard the chair in the foreground, I didn't notice it).


sorry for the delay on the review , my computer was having some issues, and I couldn't get the media player to open.
Those are my 2 favorite well known Shadows tunes,
you did a great job on them.
Can't wait to see you play next year at the Surf Museum.

Happy Holidays.


Please note that I have made some changes to my website.
and removed the files which are now accessible through links.
I trust you will like the bottom banner which is a Surf Beach
I found either on the net or maybe a long time ago on the
"Banned From The Beach" band website.


The "What'd I Say" was rockin' man,



Glad you liked it Jeff,

Looking forward to your big night at Suzy.


Brian I don't know if this is the best way to update the posting
by adding a new recording and keeping the previous messages

Just keep replying Abdel, no need to edit the first message over and over.

Merry Christmas.

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Amazing! Rock

I really like them, keep'em coming Abdel.

Here's a link from Abdel's website to an article and interview in New Gandy Dancer. I found it quite interesting, and well worth reading:

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF

Thank you all,

Danny, I am glad you and your wife like my recordings.
I would like to hear your band playing.


Just to notify of a new recording.


Thanks for Gerinomo, Abdel...I was that other guy. Gerinomo is my favorite Shads song, and that was a very tasty arrangement!

aka WoodyJ

HulaHounds (1996-present, studio only)
The Mariners (1964-2019)
The X-Rays (1997-2004)
The Surge! (2004, 2011-2012)
Various non-surf bands that actually made money (1978-1990)

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