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This is my favorite instro release of the year so far!! Not many guitarists on the scene have an immediately recognizable style, but Mark Beddoes is definitely one of them. He's got a style that almost sounds like a 12-string, incredibly lyrical yet rocking at the same time. Fans of The Ventures and Paul Johnson will certsinly dig this, and, in fact, if I had to compare Beddoes' style to anyone else, it would definitely be to Paul Johnson in melodic sensibilties. A lot of 'Western'( as in 'Country' and 'Spaghetti)styles can be found here, too. There's not a bad cut on here and,as on The Falcons' previous releases, the rhythm section is tighter than the rocks in an ancient Inca wall! This record must be heard to be believed, it's basically a traditional approach, but the delivery is so fresh and the sound so original that it completely kicks the ass of a 'futurist' like me! This hasn't left my cd player since I put it in 3 weeks ago! Plus they actually manage to breathe breezy life into the old chestnut 'Sleepwalk'(their one cover here)! One of my fave instro tunes of all time is the title track of their cd/ep 'Shadowland' a few years back, and this cd more than whets my hunger for 'more Falcons'! The recording quality is really nice, too,and there's just enough rawness to show that they didn't labor for hours over any 'Protools' computer fixes. 'Atomic Guitar' is a truly terrific release!

Where can I get this? I love their song Shadowlands and would risk buying their CD on the strength of that song alone.

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF

Check the front page Danny! Or check here:

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Embarassed thanks Brian

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF

I agree completely with Insect Dave's review of the Falcon's new CD, "Atomic Guitar." I've also been listening to this one a lot over the last week or two. These tracks all have a sound unique to the Falcons ala Mike Beddoes guitar style. The originals are good ("Wild Tide" is probably my favorite) and the band does a respectable version of "Sleep Walk," the only cover here. My hat's off to any band that can pull off so many good original instrumentals as the Falcons have done here. Nice production, too. One of the better surf instro releases of the year so far. More info at:


Last edited: May 02, 2011 21:39:04

I'd like to thank Dave, John, and everyone else who mentioned Atomic Guitar for their kind words.

You do your best on a record - then hope for the best - and it's really nice when it works.

The Falcons aren't strictly a surf band, but it's nice to be welcomed on Surf Guitar 101 anyway. I find it hard to confine us to just one instro style because I have a genuine liking for so many - surf, tex mex, spaghetti, barbed wire, rockabilly etc.

We've got two more releases planned for this year - I'll keep you posted.

Cheers from Canada!

Took advantage of Sean's Summer Sale made sure this one got to my cart. Looking forward to hearing it given the high praise here; the Falcons are otherwise new to me.


El Mirage @ ReverbNation

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