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Tommyboy: How/Where can I get a playlist for April 8 on North Sea Surf Radio?
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Clint: Ted Pilgrim (of Satan's Pilgrims) will be interviewed by Clint Beachwood Thursday, April 14th... see details in the "
44 days ago

Clint: ... show announcement forum.
44 days ago

mistermellow: whazzzzup!
40 days ago

Blindsmyth: spring king
38 days ago

Emilien03: Cool BANZAI!
32 days ago

james14000: Ok,i admit it..I'am SURFAHOLIC!!!!
31 days ago

Outerwave_Allen: DUDE! SURF'S UP IN THE I.E. OuterWave Surf Band will be performing Hot Instrumental California Surf Rock at Charlie's Stars and Stripes in Historic Downtown Upland, Charlie's is located at 296 N. 2nd Ave at the corner of C Street, Upland, CA. Come out for some cold beers, great food and Hot, Reverb Drenched Surf Rock!
22 days ago

Chippertheripper: Asbury park surf fest anyone??
4 days ago

bigtikidude: Cool you guys are on that!
2 days ago

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nowhereman wrote:

hello, here are some settings ....



the Sample


bump for tone magic

bump for the fact you know you need these settings.. Smile

Bump to thank all who blazed trail about settings and also contributed some advice, especially 'Nowhereman' and Mike for his demos & persistence. I finally went & played one at the shop now that they're a Strymon dealer and Holy Cow is this thing wonderful. Been cleaning up the detritus of previous GAS phases and will pick one up in the next week or 10 days.

One thing I did note (some advice from Ivan that turned out to be true) is to pay some attention to bass rolloff (secondary function on the Tape Age knob). Clockwise rolloff of some of the bass from the echoes lets the luxury flow longer without getting in the way of succeeding notes. I tested this in the shop and it makes a big difference. Really versatile pedal (unless you're someone in a Shadows tribute band with a dedicated box for that where every echo in front of everyone is well known, nearly down to the millisecond).

Didn't want to leave it behind in the store but they wanted something called $$$ so guess I'll force myself to go back. Plus there will now be more room on the board and, big benefit, a much shorter signal path between guitar and tank/amp.

Also, for search engine... For those on a really severe budget I've had a Behringer EM600 for awhile and it served very faithfully and has some nice features(it's going away along with the Voodoo Labs Trem and the Carbon Copy). Never once had a glitch with the EM600; it would seem that the company putting a QA/inspection presence physically in the town where it's made had an impact. One tip: Download the manual for the Line6 Echopark (that it's cloned after) - the EM600 manual is written in Chinglish and pretty tough - common syntax/grammar issues.

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

The SG101 Reverb Wiki

Having sold my Fulltone TTE to buy your awesome Bandmaster, Robbie, I now hanker for a cheap emulator of that unit. Do most agree that the Strymon is the best value performer in that department?

rotnroby wrote:

Got one too.. Bought it about a month ago.. It's a very convincing box!!! I had a Fulltone TTE and this thing really sounds amazing! Lot's of options!!!!

Squink Out!

Four hundred buckaroos

. .. ... ....
A single, double, triple, quadruple song

I use an Eventide Timefactor for Slapback and Sleepwalk echos. Are there other units that can get a bit more authentic? A few. But, none of them offer me the amount of presets, processing power, and flexibility of the Eventide.

To Boldly go where no Tiki has gone before...

The Echorec sounds available from some units are pretty neat nowadays. Forgetting Gilmour for the moment, lots of instro has been done with that non-tape unit. I like the El Cap because with the Favorite button I can keep pretty good setups of Echorec & Echolette (tonally miles apart) on-tap immediately, and switching quickly between B/C on the Multi-head option give a third. The El Cap also gets close to a Roland if you know about that unit and a bit of the "why you're setting up what" on the ElCap. Also love the bass contour capability without impacting treble; roll some of the bass off by itself & it helps subsequent fretted notes not get muddled by the repeats.

Just my $.02 but I've played with this unit alot.

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

The SG101 Reverb Wiki

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