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websurfer wrote:

Klas wrote:

Yes, that's a very cool pic of the Raiders where they are doing Chuck Berry's "Rock'n'Roll Music" on the great Where The Action Is TV show in 1965.

There it is---like the picture come to life! What an interesting musical "stew" that time frame was. A surf (and ski) setting featuring Jan and Dean with the British invasion knocking on the door in terms of a Beatles song and Peter and Gordon, AND some Motown, soul and garage. Very reminiscent of the TAMI show, and of course the contemporary beach movies with the likes of Dick Dale next to Stevie Wonder. What seismic shifts in music the 1960s saw.

Yep, it's all in there!

That is a great album cover. It actually looks contemporary in a way. Like when modern graphic artist try for a retro vibe, yet this is the real thing.

Makes me wonder if Mike from The Thunderchiefs got inspired by it in this great piece:


I remember you like another cover in a similar loose watercolor wash with line drawing. It is a favorite of mine also...the art and the music:


Yes! I also own a copy of the mono version which has the cover art in black and white opposed to the stereo version in colour, which is pretty funny.


T H E ✠ S U R F I T E S

Good call! I'm a fan of the work of Mike Guerrero as an "heir" to that tradition.

Speaking of b&w versions, I incidentally came across a Japanese 45 while looking for that Surf Beat album. What I think is interesting is that while the art work is similar, it is redrawn. I like to think it is Japanese Sumi-e brush surf art! But it may have been provided by the original artist for just this purpose.


Cool find, but I definitely prefer the album artwork over the 45!

T H E ✠ S U R F I T E S

Last edited: Jun 29, 2022 04:12:19

Andy Warhol with a woody wagon. Did he own this one?

A lot of these Andy Warhol videos have some good background music.

Last edited: Jul 21, 2023 17:16:46

Campbell soup cans

More woody wagons

Last edited: Jul 24, 2023 11:55:05

Shirt I saw in Uptown Cheapskate


Last edited: Aug 19, 2023 14:11:16

More shirts from Uptown Cheapskate


Hey Toynbee this thread is more about surf music related images from the 60's, thanks!

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