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Nokie: Got one of them Viagra caught in my throat - gave me a stiff neck.
29 days ago

bigtikidude: See 2017 SG101 con. Line up. https://surf...
27 days ago

bigtikidude: I am very Happy to announce that we are adding 2 bands to the Friday night of the Surf Guitar 101 Convention Line up. The Tequila Worms And Par Avion
22 days ago

dragonfly: You Jokesters put a smile on my face...thanks Linda xo
15 days ago

dragonfly: Awesome job on the Fuller Friday show BTD it will be epic...Sorry we can;t be there but wish all of you well...Knock em dead!!! Linda
15 days ago

dragonfly: Bigtikidude you da man for sure!!! Love ya...Linda
15 days ago

bigtikidude: My show on now, I will play the bands for the surf guitar 101 convention www.northsea...
12 days ago

james14000: Suuuuuuuuuuuuurf!!!!!!!!
8 days ago

bigtikidude: Since last Sunday was Easter, and some of you may have missed my Show playing the bands that will be at the SurfGuitar101 Convention. It will replay again this Sunday at 1 pm pacific time. Tune in at: www.northsea... Thank you
7 days ago

Emilien03: 101 days until SurfGuitar101 Convention #10 !!! Cool
3 days ago

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Permalink So Cal Shows before and after SG101 weekend,aug 4th-12th

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Kinda Big News!!

Been waiting for all of this to fall into place.
and as you can see, there is still a few little things I'm waiting on.
but all the Big things are in place.

here we go.
Shows for the Week of Wed. Aug 4th, to Thurs. Aug. 12th

Wed. Aug. 4th., 9 to 11pm 2 sets,
the Wadadli Riders at the Pike(the bar)Cherry Ave.)in Long Beach.
1836 E. 4th st. (one block West of Cherry)
Long Beach, Ca.
Great food,
parking can be tough, get there early.

Thurs. Aug 5th. 4pm to 8pm, BBQ and Pool party at BTD's house
contact me for directions and to RSVP

Thursday, August 05, 2010 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM PDT
Where: Tropics Lounge
1842 W. Commonwealth
Fullerton California 92833

Read more:

Fri. Aug. 6th, Tour of Fender Factory, 9 am ish
RSVP is a must, limited attendance, keep an eye out for RSVP thread soon.
(After that, Fender Museum, and Fullerton Museum, noon ish to 4 ish.)

Fri. Aug. 6th. 8pm to midnite
Outterwave,Wadadli Riders, The Space Rangers, and The Atomic Mosquitos,
at Don the Beachcomber. The Longboard Room, not the main bar, not the Hidden Village in the back.
(10 bucks)

also on Fri. August 6th
at The Soda Bar in San Diego. All the details here:

Sat. Aug 7th.
SG101 Convention, The Starting Gate, Los Alamitos Ca.
10 am to 8 pm, 20 bucks
Doors/Breakfast at 7 am, Vending at 9 am, show at 10 am.
get there early for a good seat.

Sat. Aug. 7th,
9pm to 12 am, Glasgow tiki shakers, at Don the Beachcomber
in the Dagger bar, Free.

Sun. Aug. 8th, 11am to 6 pm, at Suzys in Hermosa Beach,
Dead Men Don't Surf(Dusty,Ron Eglit,Kerry Chester)
Point Doom(SG101 members, Doug{Stormtiger}Dave Pike{DP} and Don Boomer of the Seeds), Wadadli Riders, Space Rangers, The Surf Side IV
and The ELIMINATORS will be there.
Hopefully with their new cd.
10 bucks.

More info:

Sun. Aug. 8th, 7pm to 10pm,
Surf Jam, with Matt Quilter's Wave Machine.
Don the Beachcomber, free

Mon. Aug. 9th. 9 am to 3pm ish
9 am, meet in Huntington Beach,
have breakfast,
Caravan to (Balboa Beach/The Wedge) Newport Beach peninsula.
See the Wedge, See the Gillette Mansion that DD lived in,
go to the Balboa Pier area, see the Rendevous Reunion Plaque and where it was. Go to the Balboa fun zone, where DD used to play at the Rinky Dink ice cream parlor.
2pm ish,Lunch at a Burger joint with lots of surf LPs and surf posters on the wall/ceiling.

Mon. Aug. 9th 4pm to 6pm
(If you want, go to Don the Beachcomber for great Happy hour)
half price on all drinks and appetizers.

Mon. Aug. 9th. 9 pm to midnite, Spike's in Rosemead.
Tequila worms, or other band,
and The Space Rangers, and Wadadli Riders,

Tues. Aug. 10th.
Possible show in the works for San Diego county,
Jason Lee and the R.I.P.tides, and the Space Rangers

Wed. Aug. 11th, The Muertones, SpaceRangers, and Slashomatic
9:00 PM - 12:00 AM PDT
Where: The Puka Bar
710 W. Willow st.
Long Beach, California. 90806


Thurs. Aug. 12.
Jason Lee and the R.I.P. tides, and the Space Rangers, and the Pop Outs
in Carlsbad Ca.
at the Boars Crossing, 390 Grand Ave. 92008
8pm to 11 pm.

Also in So. Cal.
Starting on thurs. Aug 12th. thru. Wed. Aug. 18th is
The Exotics from Milwaukee.
See their tour thread here.



Last edited: Jul 27, 2010 15:25:56

The Eliminators are in for sure on Sun. August 8th
at Suzy's in Hermosa Beach.
Hopefully their new cd will be ready by this weekend.

and Men of Mystery Sadly can't make it, but they are still in for the Sat. Convention, so make sure you see them, then.


Thanks to Doug(Stormtiger) for the poster for the Sunday show at Suzy's
and can't wait to see his band Point Doom with Doug on Guitar, DP on Bass and Don Boomer of the Seeds on Drums








Hey, I read that book!



Thanks to Ryan of Secret Samurai for the Puka Bar flyer.
its soooo cool man.




wed aug 4th in Long Beach

thur aug 5th in Fullerton

fri aug 6th in sunset beach

fri aug 6th in san diego

sat aug 7th sg101 convention, in Los Alamitos

sun aug 8th in Hermosa Beach

mon aug 9th in Rosemead

no tues show.

wed aug 11th in Long Beach

Thurs aug 12th in Carlsbad


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