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Pirecords: Pi records
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Hi All,

Shindig is a Shadows tunes that Surf musicians have a special
feeling for.
Here it is with my own rambling and arrangements.
I also put a new picture on the site. It was taken by a friend
during last year's Christmas party. They added my name in a fancy way and presented it to me on a huge poster for my promotion (and farewell party) last week.

I hope you like the tune.
(Still havn' t fixed that loose tremolo bar)


Great sound. I'd love to hear about all your equipment & how you get that sound.


I use a Mexican Strat 50 Classic fitted with 54 CS pups --> to
a ZoomRFX2000 digital multitap echo rack (inexpensive: $200) --> to
an Ernie Ball regular volume pedal --> to an Ariab (tiny passive unit
designed to remove the boominess of the bass tones of a guitar) --> to
a Duoverb (Line6) amp.
Glad you liked it.


Whammy heaven! Groovy

Wow!!! Abdel that was my favorite so far.

2 questions, one gear, one silly

why would you want to get rid of the low boomy notes?
or is that only for when you are playing at home, not on stage.

and do you ever wear Levi's and t-shirts, or is it always slacks and dress shirts?
sorry just razzin ya. Wink



Hi Jeff,

The Ariab is short for "Abbey Road In A Box" and by suppressing the
boomy part of the low register, it create the raw, dry sound that Hank
use to have in the early days. You still have the bass, but without
that extra boominess created by the speakers.
Glad you liked it Jeff. I hope the "Glascow Tiki ..." will like it too.


I thought it ROCKED!!!! Well Done!

you might just be the king of double stops!!!

Thanks for posting



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