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Win A Search For Atlantis CD!

Mike from Green Cookie Records is generously donating five copies of the compilation CD "Search for Atlantis" for our latest contest. Five lucky winners will be chosen, so enter today. Good luck! Thanks Mike!

From the website:

The "Search for Atlantis" is a collection of Greek bands. In the past, there were several collection of Greek bands; even specialized ones with groups playing a specific style of music. However, this collection is unique as all participating bands play solely instrumental surf. Never before were so many bands in Greece playing this kind of music. We are talking about a very vibrant scene that is booming within the biggest economic and social catastrophe that Greece has experienced in its modern post-war history. We have created this collection with so much care both because we love surf music and for its particularity: the vast majority of participants haven't released anything else so far and so this is their first step towards the general public. We want this scene to flourish by all means and leave visible traces in its passing. We hope it will receive positive response as a first step to establish in the minds of the people that surf music is an autonomous genre with lot of potential, but also as a reward to all the bands which strive for the best in unfavorable conditions.  Surf's up!

GC040: Various Artists “Search for Atlantis” CD | GC040 | 15-04-2014 | CD Limited edition 500 copies.

Tracklisting: [1]. The Aqua Barons: “Osonupo” (1:52); [2]. The Bali’Haians: “Surf-A-Tonic (3:57); [3]. El Bujura: “Jackare Espiao” (3:54); [4]. Dirty Fuse: “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea” (2:32); [5]. Fountoukia : “Ali Baba & The 40 Surfers” (2:24); [6]. Meanwhile In Mexico: “The Jackal” (3:36); [7]. The Overtones: “Black Eyed Surfer” (2:25); [8]. The Telestons: “There’s Only One God, Poseidon!” (2:34); [9]. The Titanics: “Call Of The Void” (2:05); [10]. The Aqua Barons: “Fuzzlalum” (1:52); [11]. The Bali’Haians: “K-39” (3:23); [12]. El Bujura: “Surfando No Ocaso” (5:09); [13]. Dirty Fuse: “Poliguara” (2:31); [14]. Fountoukia: “Kiniga To Diaolo” (3:49); [15]. Meanwhile In Mexico: “Mulatu Astatke Tribute” (4:44); [16]. The Telestons: “Supreme Surf” (3:22); [17]. The Titanics: “The Tryst” (3:24)


Search for Atlantis

Contest Dates

This contest ran from December 02, 2014 to December 14, 2014.

Contest Winners

The winners of this contest, selected on Sunday, December 14, 2014, are:

Congratulations to the winners!

This contest has 4 comments.


I will win. I will win. I must have this beautiful release!

HallmarkSweptWinger | 04-Dec-2014 04:59:09 | Flag

Maybe not though....

eltikicazador | 06-Dec-2014 15:57:03 | Flag

Finger's crossed!


revmike | 07-Dec-2014 10:23:18 | Flag

This would be neat but doubtful; I've never even had occcasion to holler "bingo!"

Badger | 13-Dec-2014 17:13:00 | Flag

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