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mom_surfing: i put some surf christmas holiday music in our local radio station library today, so we'll be rockin' with LSJ, the ventures, frankie lee sprague and the blue hawaiians.
14 days ago

bigtikidude: as much as I like xmas surf music, I have to wait till after thanksgiving to listen to it, otherwise I burn out to early.
12 days ago

Emilien03: New Mac user here!
8 days ago

SixStringSurfer: Well darn, I wrote Gerry McGee on facebook, never heard back from him. Oh well, I knew it was a long shot. Sigh
8 days ago

Emilien03: New Moon!
6 days ago

mom_surfing: yeah jeff, our station isn't starting christmas music until the 12th and only twice an hour from many different artists.
3 days ago

dragonfly: Retirement is great! Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful turkeys out there! Love Linda xo LOL
2 days ago

bigtikidude: line up for winter surf fest announced, http://surfg...
2 days ago

Pyronauts: happy Tanks-Kicking!
1 day ago

bigtikidude: Yes, thanks for reminding us about Tanks Kicking Paul.
16 hours ago

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Tabs for "The Rising Surf" permalink

joergsporer - 26 Nov 2003 13:14:56 permalink

Has anybody tabs, chords or similar for "The Rising Surf" by Richie
Thank you


efrem_the_retarded_rabbit - 27 Nov 2003 02:10:30 permalink

--- In , "joergsporer"
<joerg.sporer@w...> wrote:
> Hello!
> Has anybody tabs, chords or similar for "The Rising Surf" by Richie
> Allen?
> Thank you
> Joerg
The chord progression is A-C-A-G, and here's what I have for the
verse melody:
I'm not 100% sure about the bridges, but they're most likely some
variation on (0-1-4-5-7-8).
Hope this helps,