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JayJ: Greetings from Helsinki, Finland! We had ( The Shockwave!) record release party yesterday! I hope at everyone buy our album ( Double Crown Records) cheers!!!
16 days ago

Brian: Would you believe there are bands today that have absolutely no web presence? In this day and age?
13 days ago

bigtikidude: You mean not even FB?
12 days ago

Number9: OMG ! Shock
12 days ago

Tuck: You occasionally notice such bands. Often it turns out that FB just won't admit they're on FB. Or that they haven't admitted they're a band yet.
12 days ago

mom_surfing: i put some surf christmas holiday music in our local radio station library today, so we'll be rockin' with LSJ, the ventures, frankie lee sprague and the blue hawaiians.
11 days ago

bigtikidude: as much as I like xmas surf music, I have to wait till after thanksgiving to listen to it, otherwise I burn out to early.
9 days ago

Emilien03: New Mac user here!
5 days ago

SixStringSurfer: Well darn, I wrote Gerry McGee on facebook, never heard back from him. Oh well, I knew it was a long shot. Sigh
5 days ago

Emilien03: New Moon!
3 days ago

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Category: Site News

Podcast Episode #2 Now Available!

Submitted by Brian on May 31, 2008.
Site News
Check it out! Please visit our podcast page and download our second episode. Only a year in the making!

Episode two features a new SG101 theme song written by our own WR and performed by Ferenc, DannySnyder and TonyBologna! In addition, we have an interview with Ferenc!

This episode was conceived and produced by DannySnyder and his wife Lady Reverb (Adrienne). A special thanks to Adrienne for lending her wonderful voice and song selection to this podcast!

There were a few technical problems with the sound quality, especially on the interview, but we hope to have these worked out for future episodes.

A longer version of the interview with Ferenc may be posted later.

Please share this with your friends and family!


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Another Site Upgrade

Submitted by Brian on March 07, 2008.
Site News
Greetings all. A small upgrade was done to the site software this evening. If you see anything funny, please send me an email or leave a message in our forums. Thanks!

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IRC Chat Now Available!

Submitted by Brian on March 01, 2008.
Site News
We now have our very own private IRC server! Chat in real time with your fellow SG101'ers. For instructions on how to get started, please see this forum thread. This has been up and running a short time now, and has proven quite popular and fun! I hope you check it out!

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Server Move Complete

Submitted by Brian on February 18, 2008.
Site News
The server move is complete. Hopefully you have found us by now and I have most everything unpacked and put in the proper place.

I also upgraded the site software. You should see a few small differences around here.

And finally, the Member Map module is active now for registered users.


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We're Moving!

Submitted by Brian on February 14, 2008.
Site News
This site has been around for nearly 4 years now. The first 2 years it was just a static HTML site, mainly meant to host photos from all the surf shows my wife and I had went to. Then, nearly 2 years ago, I loaded up some interactive software and the site as you know it was born. We have grown a lot in those 2 years, and I have big plans for the future. So I have decided to move this site to a dedicated server, where we will have much more room for growth and experimentation.

Never having done this before, I'm not sure how it is all going to play out. We will still be known as, but the domain name must be moved to the new server. That may mean a day or two of disruption. There may also be a period where people in one part of the world are posting on the old server, while others have already been moved to the new server. I'm going to try to minimize that, but it may happen that a few posts get lost in the shuffle. When will this happen? Sometime in the next 7-14 days I think.

I'm really looking forward to having more space, bandwidth, and potential for future growth. Thanks again for your support!

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2007 MP3 Compilation Now on!

Submitted by Brian on January 05, 2008.
Site News
Hey everyone, head on over to to check out the SG101 2007 MP3 Compilation! You can download all the songs separately, together, or even stream them with their player.

Thanks everyone for participating!

What, you missed it? What was this all about? Please read this story.

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SG101 T-Shirts For Sale!

Submitted by Brian on November 11, 2007.
Site News
Well, we are finally open for business. Please check out the SG101 Store to purchase the t-shirts designed by our very own SurfBeatnik, also known as Duff from The Torquays! I want to thank member mom_surfing, aka Carol, for suggesting the idea, making the order, and doing the shipping from her surf shop in North Carolina! Thank-you Carol! You rule!

We are a bit low on the Oceana shirts already, so place your order fast if you want one of those. Also, I've never tried to sell anything like this before, so go easy on me. If you have any questions about your oder, don't hesitate to email me at Thanks and enjoy your shirts!

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Announcing the SG101 2007 MP3 Compilation!

Submitted by Brian on September 17, 2007.
Site News
I am pleased to announce the SurfGuitar101 2007 MP3 Compilation! Just like last year and the year before, this is a way for all members to share music, recording tips, and to just have fun. The main emphasis is fun, so please send in an entry no matter what your skill level is. Here are the rules:
  1. You must be a member of this website to submit an mp3.
  2. You may submit only 1 mp3.
  3. The mp3 you submit must not have appeared on any "official" release before. Likewise, please don't submit anything that is destined for an official release in the future.
  4. The mp3 must be 8 MB in size or less.
  5. There is a good chance the comp will end up on Therefore, you must agree to their Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial, No-Derivatives) License for your mp3.
  6. The deadline for submitting an mp3 is Friday, December 14th, 2007.
I have created an Official 2007 MP3 Comp Forum Thread. Please use that thread to discuss the compilation and to get information on how to submit an mp3. Please use that thread if you'd like to find a fellow member to work with on the project. With the magic of digital recording and the internet, remote collaborations are possible. Make your own virtual surf band! Let the comp begin!

Please check out our prior compilations if you haven't seen them already: 2005 2006.

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Announcing the SurfGuitar101 Podcast!

Submitted by Brian on June 10, 2007.
Site News
I have created and published the first in what will hopefully be a series of SurfGuitar101 podcasts! The feed has been submitted to iTunes, but as I type this it is not currently available yet. In the meantime, you can download and listen to episode #1 by visiting Remember kids, you don't need an iPod or portable MP3 player to listen, just download or stream on your computer. This link provides an easy way to listen from your computer.

This episode features music by Satan's Pilgrims, The Halibuts, Pollo del Mar, The Madeira, The Volcanos, Jon & The Nightriders, The Wet Tones, and many more! Plus we have an exclusive interview with Danny Snyder from Meshugga Beach Party and The TomorrowMen!

I've created a SG101 Podcast sub-forum, so please direct all your comments, criticisms, ideas, suggestions, and requests there. Thanks everyone!

P.S. I asked a lot of bands if I could play them, but due to space and time constraints I could only play a subset. You will definitely hear from them on future episodes!

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Calendar Updates

Submitted by Brian on March 25, 2007.
Site News
Hello all,

Just a quick announcement about a couple of changes to the event calendar. First, there is a new Javascript editor for entering event details. This should help folks out with adding links, lists, colors, and even smilies.   The editor works well on Windows machines with all browsers that I know of. Mac users might have to stick with Firefox for best results. If you have problems with the editor please let me know.

Second, there is a new "Email Event to Friend" feature. Drill down to view a single event on the calendar. There is a new link that will let you email a link to the event to a friend. Try it out and let me know what you think.


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