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Category: Bands

Surfana CD "Whatever" is now available!

Submitted by Surfana on March 23, 2015.

As of November 2014, the Surfana CD "Whatever" of surf covers of Nirvana songs is available.

Track listing:

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Heart-Shaped Box
  3. About A Girl
  4. Polly
  5. Aneurysm
  6. Lithium
  7. Dumb
  8. Come As You Are
  9. Sliver
  10. Drain You
  11. Rape Me
  12. Territorial Pissings
  13. All Apologies


Listen at

To order, contact or follow the links on our Jango or Facebook page.

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The Beyonderers - Surf from Akron, Ohio

Submitted by GuidedByVenkman on March 20, 2015.

Hey!  The Beyonderers, a new surf/shred band from Akron, OH, has recently put out their first Ep, Fourth Wave, with a second and possibly third to follow in July 2015.  I hope people check it out and like it!  Rumor has it their songs are dictated to them via a magic amulet.  Love the site, Cheers!



Bandcamp page 

Fourth Wave

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Long Walk Home by The Cruncher is out

Submitted by tired on March 18, 2015.

I am biased that's why I don´t write a review is the common way. I will bring a few cds (limited edition of 100 copies only) to the SJSF in June in Italy for swap.

18 tracks in recorded in modern style and with new techniques but still with the feeling of the 60s.

I cannot upload the covers so here is the track list written by hand.

  1. Cycle Chase (M. Curb-D. Allan)
  2. Laguna Sunrise (F.A.Lommi-Herbert Hooke)
  3. Freefall (Gary Usher)
  4. Liquidator (Johnson- Herbert Hooke)
  5. Spanish Kiss (Dick Dale)
  6. In My Chair  (Young, Rossi)
  7. Hot Rod  (Berry Bros. - Herbert Hooke
  8. Scoth And Guitar  (Lou Gottlieb)
  9. Puerto Vallarta  (Cooper-Nitzsche
  10. Haulin´ Honda ( Ritchie Podolor)
  11. Long Walk Home ( Chip Taylor)
  12. Hon-da Beach Party (Gary Usher)
  13. Untitled # 4 (Gary Usher)
  14. Surfin´ Bu (Dick Dale/Jim Messina)
  15. Long Lost melody  (unknown)
  16. Weeping Willow Rock ( C. Reynolds-H. Bolejack)
  17. Desert Ride(Herbert Hooke)
  18. A Day At The Beach (Herbert Hooke)

If you live outside from Germany please send an email directly to The Cruncher asking for postage prices. The cd costs 10 € if you buy it directly from him.


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The Men From E.N.C.O.R.E. by Horse Rock available now!

Submitted by Draygore on March 17, 2015.

The Men from ENCORE

The debut EP by equine surf pioneers Horse Rock is now available for digital

download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube etc.

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Men In Grey Suits Release Album Return of the Cnidarians

Submitted by chadhamman on March 14, 2015.

Return of the Cnidarians is now available. Men in Grey Suits, a surf band from Hawaii, have just released their first album and it is smokin'. Please check them out.   

Album cover

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Passing of a musical icon: Jimmy Greenspoon of The New Dimensions

Submitted by ArtGuy on March 14, 2015.

I'm sad to report that Jimmy Greenspoon, internationally renowned keyboard player, founding member of the New Dimensions band and iconic rockers 3 Dog Night, has passed away following a short, but intense battle with brain cancer.

Last summer, five of the six original members of The New Dimensions reunited after more than 50 years to create a new CD, celebrating the original roots of our music. Jimmy had been flying in to L.A. and Michael Lloyd's studio in Beverly Hills, CA, between touring and performances with 3 Dog, to record with the band. In addition, the band was signed to an agreement for a full length documentary, following the history of the New Dimensions from its inception to present day.

Jimmy was passionate about surfing music, even after all these years. If there is anything positive to report; it is that we were able to complete about 6 tracks of new, original material with Jimmy, prior to diagnosis of his illness. Fortunately, both Michael and Jimmy studied under the same piano teachers early on and with the extensive array of music they completed together both in the studio with Michael as producer and touring with major acts, Michael has agreed to assume the role of keyboard player in addition to his creative expertise and musicianship on bass and lead guitar. The remaing band members including yours truly on drums, Craig Nuttycombe on rhythm guitar and Danny Belsky on sax and flute will carry on to complete the new recording. Initial filming for the documentary is scheduled to commence in April. Following that, we will once again enter the studio to work on the album.

Thanks to everyone for your positive messages, personal wishes for Jimmy's well being and in his passing, your comments, thoughts and prayers for Jimmy and his family. This kind, compassionate and incredibly talented musician, composer and author will be sadly missed by us all.

My best,

Art Guy

Drummer, The New Dimensions Band

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Terror Of The Del-Vipers CD Out On Double Crown Records

Submitted by Double-Crown-Records on March 10, 2015.

Del Vipers


The Del-Vipers originally hit the Austin, TX scene during the belly scorching summer of 2010. Guitarist Ross Ott and drummer Sam Rich having left their full time touring schedules in previous musical endeavors were looking for something to push creativity to new levels while, you know, having a few beers. Original bassist Derek "Spooky Vam Peers" Miller completed the bill and together they took their love for a time when rock n' roll was fresh and exciting... to the beach!

Influenced heavily by original guitar megaliths like Dick Dale and The Ventures as well as the more obscure underbelly of the genre and a propensity for the WEIRD, The Del-Vipers bathed themselves in reverb and hit the streets of Austin to bring their earth-shattering instrumental holocaust to the world. Playing everywhere from the historical Continental Club to annual bashes at the Texas State Drag Racing Championships, the 3-piece continued their wet & wild journey into the hearts & loins of surf lovers worldwide.

With new bass wrangler Dave “Cheeseburger Breakfast” Hawkins onboard, the band hit the studio for a single day in January ’14 to lay to tape what would become their compelling debut record, “Terror of the Del-Vipers”. The band self-released a “Limited Cassette” version of the album later that year but have recently joined forces with the almighty Double Crown Records to release it on Compact Disc for this the two-thousand fifteenth year of our lord (Dick Dale). It’s safe to say there is no telling what's next in line for the fabulous Del-Vipers!

Tracks: Teenage Crimewave - Creepy T - The Sonic Deterrent - Tecate Run - LA - Disaster Magnet - Anesthesia - Monsoon Surf - Sex Cauldron - The Angry Man - Matango - Goloash - Mortuary Cosmetics - Nova

The Del-Vipers - Terror Of The Del-Vipers CD - DCCD60 - $12.75
Click to order from Double Crown Records

BONUS TRACK: Order direct from us, or join the Double Crown Music Club, and receive a FREE bonus track - the Del-Vipers version of "Bumble Bee Twist (The Wasp)" by The Ventures!

CD's will ship to Double Crown Music Club members next week - pre-orders will ship by March 24th at the latest.

The Del-Vipers On Facebook

The Del-Vipers On Bandcamp

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New Moussaka - Sa Sa EP is out!

Submitted by Pjer_Zivic on March 10, 2015.

Belgrade surf band Moussaka released their second EP containing three new tasty, surfy, Balkan-style songs. EP is called SA SA by the local native dance like kolo, čoček.


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Phantom Operators release "Surf Trippin" for V2 Tuesday!

Submitted by PhantomOperators on March 09, 2015.

The Phantom Operators are releasing a 2-song single, "Surf Trippin" which includes the new songs "Topanga" and "El Porto" on Tuesday, March 10th! All proceeds from the sale of this release and their other releases for the entire day will be donated to the V2 Indidegogo fund. This release is only available at the band's bandcamp site,

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Man Or Astroman in Brasil - Feb/2015

Submitted by mulletmonster on March 01, 2015.

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