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Emilien03: Clamato! Yes
35 days ago

bigtikidude: Flyer added to SG 101 convention thread, thanks to Jonpaul for doing it!
32 days ago

mom_surfing: wingnut in the line up the other day when i was surfing in mexico
31 days ago

bigtikidude: Banned from the beach play wing nuts theme from endless summer 2at the pier Sunday
25 days ago

dp: Dead
21 days ago

mom_surfing: wingnut had flown to mex. in a private jet to give a woman surfing lessons. oh, what a life.
20 days ago

Noel: Happy Mother's Day to all mom's, everywhere! Have a wonderful day.
20 days ago

Emilien03: Uh-Oh
14 days ago

mom_surfing: noel did a great job as guest artist with both the surge and crazy aces at the instro summit this past weekend
12 days ago

LongboardChery: God please give me a band! :p
11 days ago

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and End Thread.



I was beginning to think I was on an Irish Traditional music/session site. Those can be brutal! Oh, and if any Irish trad lurkers are out there, forgive me for spelling "session" improperly. Please! I won't let it happen again!!!!!!!

How's your digestion now?

Brian wrote:

If anyone is unhappy about the recent threads on SG101, I challenge you to step up to start a thread about something you think would be more interesting: a new release, a video, a show report, music theory, whatever. Making a lot of sarcastic posts and useless threads in retaliation for recent thread quality only drags us down further (although I can also see it as blowing off steam). Several people have stepped up and I thank them!

I always find these sorts of things interesting. I guess that some people (no one specific in mind) get upset if a thread is started on a subject that has already been covered. Sheeesh! People have to post about something or the forum will wither. Surf guitar is a fairly narrow field of interest and it should not be surprising that the same subjects appear and re-appear.

I am a mod at Gretsch-Talk and there are any number of threads started about Gretsch 5120s, the entry level hollow body Gretsch. It's as predictable as the weather at the North Pole because most new forum members start with that guitar and post about their, likes, dislikes and plans for modification. There's nothing wrong with that IMO. These forums are a place for people to talk about the things that interest them.

Forums are a great place to learn, a great place to ask questions. When I joined this forum over 4 years ago I had been playing guitar for 42 years but I was frighteningly uninformed about Surf Guitar. I didn't comprehend the difference between a brownface Fender and a Blackface Fender. I didn't realize that the early Surf sound probably had a lot more mid-range that the sounds that came in the Blackface era. I learned that while a Blackface with tons of reverb can make for a great Surf sound it is not the only way to go and that there's a reason many players treasure their Showmen amps. *see footnote

I learned most of these things by asking questions that would seem a bit obvious to me at this point in time. Fortunately, some of the most knowledgeable people on the forum were patient and helped me to learn . . . which is my point. We need to be patient with new members, avoid threads if we find them redundant and let people enjoy the forum.

I still use a Blackface with the reverb cranked up for Surf although I occasionally use a tank at larger gigs. At least I know the difference between this and the state of the art (height of the art too, IMHO) in 1962.

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.
My Revamped Guitar WebSite
Dead Thread

Last edited: Jun 23, 2012 12:17:33

I agree Synchro, and I do think people here exhibit extraordinary patience to newcomers.

But it should be encouraged, on any forum, to use the search function before posting - newbies and veterans alike. If a new question or information arises, only then one should open a new thread or just bump an old one. It's just common courtesy. And it also allows easier future searches, to have all the info in one place.
beside the community aspect of a forum (which is very strong here), we're dealing with a massive storage of information, which the more it is organized, the more useful it is.


A single, double, triple, quadruple song

Ariel, you make some good points but i slightly disagree. The whole guitar/amp thing is about us creating a tone that we are happy with. You might not like my guitar tone (indeed, sometimes I dont like my guitar tone) but that is your opinion, its subjective. and thats where my disagreement lies. The vast majority of questions fall into two categories, ones which can be answered with facts and the others which can be answered with opinions, such as do you like my guitar tone? Everyones tone is different so the question could be asked until the death of this website. And so questions such as jag or jazz, FRV1 or tank will keep coming up because we like to hear peoples opinions, there is no definitive answer. Whereas, Les Paul or Strat for surf only needs to be asked once as the answer is obvious ( please nobody say that that is simply my opinion). Gear changes all the time and upgrades become available, all of which may be subtle but require opinions so that people can make an informed choice. What happens if Boss do a mod to the FRV1 and it becomes say, more drippy, we have to discuss it and opinions will fly and people on here will or will not make a purchase based on what is written here.
Phew! No offence Ariel, just my opinion

Well, all the above points that you made fall under "new information" IMO, don't they? Then all is cool.


A single, double, triple, quadruple song

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