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mom_surfing: doing some research on the belairs and found that the tune 'seed' by sublime has part of mr. moto in the guitar solo breaks
19 days ago

nielsjansen: Have you voted yet for the Surf Album Top 101? You have 11 days left to do so!
18 days ago

dp: <(")
18 days ago

DrNo: los straitjackets
17 days ago

Tuck: So it does, Mom!
17 days ago

Golddaddy: I am newbie to this website. Thanks
17 days ago

Outerwave_Allen: OUTERWAVE is looking for a new drummer. If you are in So. Cal. Call Allen at (714) 767-8576 Cool
16 days ago

Golddaddy: I wish SG101 would do another jassmaster giveaway :c.. When I found out about it, it was too late
7 days ago

Noel: Such events depend entirely on the generosity of others. Who knows what this year will bring?
4 days ago

bigtikidude: http://surfg... HB pier schedule for summer 2014
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Permalink I've FINALLY got a surf band!

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After a really long hiatus from being in a band - I have been playing by myself for nearly ten years now - I finally managed to convince two friends to start a surf band with me. As you can tell I'm SOO excited, playing LOUD again with fellow musicians.

I have a good feeling about this whole surf band project. My friends are both a little out of practice and haven't played in years, but both are super enthusiastic and really keen on playing in a band again.

We've just had our first "real" practice (with drummer) and it worked out really well! We had a small handheld recorder just sitting there running the whole session, so please excuse the bad audio and overall mix. Here is a small cover song that turned out pretty nice IMHO.


ps. we haven't agreed on a name yet, so suggestions are welcome!


Very nice rendition! Congratulations on putting your band together. I bet you are just walking on air! 10 years of playing by yourself is a long time. That you stuck with it speaks volumes about your dedication. It's only been slightly over a year for me and I'm already slacking off and seeing a decline in my motivation. I think it's vital to play with others in order to stay challenged and avoid falling into a rut. Best wishes and please post updates.

You're not drunk if you can put your socks on while standing.

Great job and congratulations. I can relate as I often go years without playing with people, or at least playing stuff that is fast and fun to play. Have fun and keep it going.

That is so encouraging. I look forward to hearing more from you.

This is Noel. Reverb's at maximum an' I'm givin' 'er all she's got.

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Well done! Wish I could convince the bass player and drummer to do some surf, I really miss it.

Awesome! Stick with it.

METEOR IV on reverbnation

irv78 wrote:

ps. we haven't agreed on a name yet, so suggestions are

Be careful... choosing the name of the band usually brings the first great unpleasant argument between its members. Wink

By the way, happy to hear that you have found pleople to enjoy this kind of music. Keep on it.

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Woohoo, Austrias 3rd(?) surfband then, i guess? Smile nice job.

excellent job on your rendition of squad car. Keep up the great work! What guitar are you using to play that?

What about The Squad Cars Cool

Nils Tempo

ps. we haven't agreed on a name yet, so suggestions are

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You should call yourselves "The Royal Hapsburgs" and be done with it...

Sounds great!

Shawn Martin

Congrats bro on getting a group going. You gotta be stoked. I went through the same long hiatus myself. Once my son got older and better on guitar, he talked me out of retirement, and I've been loving it since.
Good luck man, and most of all.... Have fun!

Fin Doctors


That sounded excellent! Congrats on your new project and good luck.


Gypsy Moonshine on Reverbnation
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Great Job! Looking forward to hearing more.

You guys sound great, best of luck!


sehr kool !

Great sound, looking forward to hear more !

Monkey Ju

Pirato Ketchup
Clepak - Surf Shows Promoter

Thank you so much everybody for the very kind and encouraging comments! Smile

hlieboff59 wrote:

What guitar are you using to play that?

I've used a Jaguar with Curtis Novak vintage style pickups (bridge pickup in this song), into a RI tank, into a '62 blonde bandmaster ...

... and turned it up really loud Big Grin


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